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Fire Science

It takes dedication, desire and a strong will to enter the firefighter or emergency care personnel fields. Yet the rewards are many, and those who secure jobs are deeply committed to their work.

College of DuPage Fire Science Division offers two-year degrees in Fire Science Technology and Emergency Medical Services, as well as FirefighterEmergency Medical Technician (EMT), and Paramedic certificates.

Fire and Emergency - Higher EducationThe A.A.S. Degree in Fire Science has been awarded national recognition through the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Program (FESHE) which recognizes College of DuPage's adoption of standardized core courses and commitment to fire and EMS professional development.

Whether you are just starting out or are already employed in the Fire Science industry, College of DuPage offers classes in a flexible schedule that will help you attain your goals in this exciting and rewarding field.

COD Stories

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“I just want to say ‘thank you’ for the opportunity to speak on behalf of a student who has been taught a number of skills in his profession at such a great level. Without the Fire Science program, a lot of people would not have the chance to become firefighters or paramedics.” -Shawn Lamb

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COD Stories

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“The biggest help I got from COD was from the personnel that they employ..The amount of knowledge and personal experience that the staff brings to the classroom is truly rewarding for me as a student." -Kyle Butler

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COD Stories

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“COD brought in knowledge-filled chiefs, captains, lieutenants and other firefighters to help proctor us. Every officer was more than willing to help mold and shape us into good firefighters.” -Maddy Peterson

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COD Stories

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“COD supplied me with all of the academic support throughout all my schooling,” he said. “I received credits through TCD, through my degree from COD, and through Paramedic school where I got my license. COD has basically guided me along the whole way.” -Chris Ryba

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Lisle/Woodridge: Day in the Life of a Fire Medic

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