Student Successes

One Month, One Class, No Bags

Amy George, Mikayla Jacoby, Danielle O’Brien, Belem Oseguera, and Lucas Troncoso presented their research on the role of rhetoric in the elimination of plastic bags at the Honors Council of the Illinois Region Conference. As students in Honors Composition II, they helped organize the class to conduct primary and secondary research on plastic bag consumption, its environmental impact and federal and state legislation to ban plastic bags.

The students also decided, along with their classmates, to stop using plastic bags for a month and to record their experiences in vlogs. The result was a scholarly argument embedded in a website and a video to encourage others to follow their lead. 

Young Scholars in Writing

Meghna Israni published her scholarship on genre theory and mass shootings in Young Scholars in Writing, the premier undergraduate scholarly journal in Writing Studies. Her project began in Advanced Composition, exploring the intersections of mass media, psychology, and mass shootings and questioned if we wrote differently would others act differently?

After the project was accepted for publication, Meghna worked with the journal’s editors to develop the project. “Watching my article change over time has taught me that the revision process is both the longest and the most important piece of the writing process. I’ve gained so much more confidence in my ability to make an argument in an academic setting.”

National Collegiate Honors Council

Kimberly Wilson was selected to be a student editor for the National Collegiate Honors Council’s Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity. As a student in Advanced Composition, Kimberly challenged herself as a writer and used the rhetorical skills she learned in class to apply for the editing job; shortly thereafter, she was flown out to Utah to begin training for her new job at the journal.

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