students digging in ruins

Rooms at Seloutky and Olomouc

University dormitories

The dormitories at the university, with the historic center of
town in the background.

Students and staff will be staying in the dormitories at Palackŷ University in Olomouc.  Located along one of the channels of the Morava River, the university is well integrated into the business and social life of the city, only 10 minutes walk from the historic center of Olomouc.  The proximity to local businesses and restaurants affords students easy access to goods, services, and relaxation during time off from the excavations and classes.

The dormitories are similar to college dormitories found in the United States. Each room sleeps two to three people, with desk and shelf space for each person. A common room is shared by two dormitory rooms, with additional closet space, a shared refrigerator, and a shared bathroom and shower. Free WIFI is available throughout the dormitory and throughout most, if not all, of the campus.