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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning at College of DuPage incorporates the best of what enrichment has to offer at any age. We offer a mix of courses, workshops, seminars and lectures designed especially for adults 50 and older, in a wide variety of topic areas. A reduced senior rate applies for participants 55 and over. Come join us - new courses begin each week.

In Continuing Education, we believe that learning never stops. Find out all that Lifelong Learning has to offer!

Summer Course Highlights

Best of All Time Comedians

A celebration of these “greats” and a look inside of their material and dedication to the lost art form of comedy. From Carol Burnett and Jerry Seinfeld to Don Rickles Bob Newhart and Jerry Lewis Instructor: Tim Wilsey

Monday, June 6
10 a m to noon
HUMNT-0001-004 $29; Lifelong Learner $19
Virtual Classroom

Sky Hunters

Not all feathered friends are attracted to the seeds in a feeder. Our woods, wetlands, and yards are filled with swift and powerful hunters that keep the populations of their prey in check. This class looks at our area’s diverse populations of eagles owls hawks herons crows and cranes and the roles they play in nature. Instructor: Jack MacRae

Wednesday, June 8 to 22
10 a m to noon
HUMNT-0001-052 $89; Lifelong Learner $59
Virtual Classroom

Aphra Behn

When King Charles II came to the throne he allowed women to appear on the stage for the first time and for the first time in England a woman made a career as a writer. Aphra Behn was very popular writing numerous plays and the short anti-slavery novel  “ORONOOKO.” In the 1970s she became an important touchstone in feminism and the Women’s Movement. Join us as we (re)discover this fascinating woman and the literary work that still resonates in modern society. Instructor: Frank Serafino

Tuesday, June 7 to 28
10 a m to noon
HUMNT-0001-022 $119; Lifelong Learner $79
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Sources of History in Dark Age Britain

The Dark Age of Britain’s past is the uncharted period between the departure of Roman settlers and the building of the kingdom of England. From this era of invasions turmoil and illiteracy few written records survive. Includes the work of early British historians Gildas Nennius Bede William of Malmesbury and Geoffrey of Monmouth and the texts of the Welsh Annals and Anglo-Saxon Chronicle all examined for their context and reliability. Lectures are delivered by historian Marcus Sanghera

Thursday, June 16 to  Aug  4
10 a m to noon
HUMNT-0001-016 $189; Lifelong Learner $149
On campus in Glen Ellyn

From Civil Warto Civil Rights:The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments

The 13th,14th and 15th amendments ended slavery guaranteed  African-American citizenship and expanded voting rights. Explore the fight to get these amendments included in particular the fight for citizenship for former slaves. We also explore the heartbreak of how the radical nature of these new amendments was neutralized in succeeding generations. Finally we discuss how the amendments changed how the Constitution was applied the 14th in particular tasked the federal government with being a watchdog for civil rights. Instructor: Joyce Haworth

Monday, June 20
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-030 $29; Lifelong Learner $19
Virtual Classroom

The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh

Based on the recent biography “Van Gogh” by authors Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith this workshop examines the controversial claim that  Van Gogh did not commit suicide—he was murdered  The class also explores Van Gogh’s troubled life and the tremendously influential art he created. Instructor: Ruth Nelson

Wednesday, June 22
7 to 9 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-037 $29; Lifelong Learner $19
Virtual Classroom

The Plus 50 Program

Continuing Education has developed a series of streamlined classes designed with experiences and skills of adult learners in mind. Learn more here.

  • Self-Discovery for Plus 50 - May 31 to June 21
  • Career Search for Plus 50 - June 28 to Aug. 2
  • Negotiating Skills for Women - July 14 and 21
  • Job Search Websites - July 28 to Aug. 4
  • Networking for Plus 50 - Aug. 9 and 16

Free Enrichment for Lifelong Learners

Enjoy the topics and the company! Continuing Education presents free lectures and discussions through our Sage Series and Lunch Break Lectures. Join us for an inspired selection of new topics.

Sage Series

Sessions are free. Registration is required.
For full descriptions and locations, please view the current Schedule of Classes.

  • The Twilight Zone: Six Degrees of Separation - Friday, July 29

Lunch Break Lectures

Sessions are free. Registration is required. All lectures are Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. 

Summer Online Lecture via Zoom

  • June 8 - Stevie Wonder with instructor Gary Wenstrup, HUMNT-0001-500
  • June 22 - TV's Greatest Hosts with instructor Tim Wilsey, HUMNT-0001-501
  • July 6 - The Successful Conservation of the Whooping Crane with instructor Jack MacRae, HUMNT-0001-502
  • July 20 - Visit Elizabeth's England with instructor Joan Krawitz, HUMNT-0001-503
  • Aug. 3 - The Crash of '29 and After with instructor Joan Krawitz, HUMNT-0001-504

Share Your Passion and Experience

College of DuPage Continuing Education is seeking community members who are interested in facilitating Lifelong Learning courses and seminars! Call (630) 942-2208 for assistance with completing a New Course Proposal Form.

Lifelong Learning Scholarship Fund

Limited scholarship funds are available to assist Lifelong Learners who choose to participate in Continuing Education programs. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please choose "Lifelong Learning Programs" on the College of DuPage Foundation donation page or call (630) 942-2462. 

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