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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning at College of DuPage incorporates the best of what enrichment has to offer at any age. We offer a mix of courses, workshops, seminars and lectures designed especially for adults 50 and older, in a wide variety of topic areas. A reduced senior rate applies for participants 55 and over. Come join us - new courses begin each week.

In Continuing Education, we believe that learning never stops. Find out all that Lifelong Learning has to offer!

Fall Course Highlights

Great Films

Combine the viewing of meaningful films with thematically related short readings to investigate timeless questions. The Great Books method of shared inquiry is used, with group discussion about ethical questions such as the nature of good and evil, law and justice, courage, relationships, beauty and personal identity. Each class session focuses on one theme and includes a film viewing, a related reading and a discussion. Instructor: Vicky Edwards

Tuesday, Sept. 6 to Oct. 11
1 to 4 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-034, $169; Lifelong Learner $129
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Illinois Archaeology

The rich archaeological heritage of Illinois is surveyed by thoroughly investigating such amazing sites as Cahokia, Dickson Mounds, Koster and The Modoc Rock shelter, as well as many local sites such as Hawk’s Nest and Winfield Mounds. Instructor: Jack MacRae

Wednesday, Sept. 7 to Oct. 5
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-077, $159; Lifelong Learner $119
Virtual Classroom

Nineteen Long Winters: The Troublesome Reign of King Stephen of Blois

On the shortlist of worst English kings, you’ll find Stephen of Blois. Is this historical truth or is King Stephen the unfortunate victim of a poor PR campaign that no one bothered to correct? What really happened in the disastrous war with his cousin Matilda, the final outcome leading to the rise of the Plantagenets? Historian Marcus Sanghera diagnoses the history.

Monday, Sept. 12 to Oct. 31
1 to 3 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-090, $189, Lifelong Learner $149
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Emily Dickinson: I’m Nobody! Who are You?

Emily Dickinson is considered “one of the greatest and most original poets of all time” (The Poetry Foundation). After briefly attending Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary, she retreated to her family home in Amherst, MA, where she became a recluse and wrote an enduring collection of nearly 1,800 poems, published only after her death. Join us as we examine this great American literary figure and explore the intricacies and influence of her work. Instructor: Frank Serafino

Monday, Sept 12 to Oct. 3
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-036, $119, Lifelong Learner $79
On campus in Glen Ellyn

The Math Behind the Magic

Learn about the mathematics behind kaleidoscopes, wallpaper patterns and the golden ratio as well as the mathematics of artistic perspective. Some of these same ideas are used in music and you will learn how J.S. Bach and others used mathematics to create music of depth and beauty. Instructor: Dr. Richard Wilders

Wednesday, Sept. 14 and 21
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-040, $59, Lifelong Learner $39
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Hot Topics Facing Today’s Society

Get set for stimulating discussions about topics that have no clear-cut answers, but many points of view. Each week will be a different discussion covering some aspect of society that affects our lives. Philosophy, government, religion, ethics, morality, politics and others are all fair game guaranteed to illicit lively responses from all who attend. Instructor: Peter Krouwer

Wednesday, Sept 21 to Oct. 26
6 to 8 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-043, $159; Lifelong Learner $119
Virtual Classroom

Hollywood and WWII

Examine the impact of World War II on Hollywood and how it responded. Watch such films as “Mrs. Miniver” and “The Best Years of Our Lives,” as well as famed documentaries like “Memphis Belle.” Instructor: Brian Kleeman

Tuesday, Oct. 4 to Nov. 1
6 to 9 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-042, $159; Lifelong Learner $119
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Deception in War: Deceive, Delude and Hoodwink Your Way to Victory

This course addresses the use of tactical and strategic deception during WWII. With particular focus on British and American deception, and
some attention to similar Soviet, German and Japanese efforts, examine the theory and practice of deception and the various amazingly creative means of deceiving foes on tactical and strategic levels. Absent deception, D-Day might have been an Allied disaster. Let’s find out why. Instructor: Greig Seidor

Monday, Oct. 10 to Nov. 14
10 to 11:30 a.m.
HUMNT-0001-041, $129, Lifelong Learner $89
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Architecture in America’s National Park System

We tour the park system highlighting some of the extraordinary and unique features in 37 different parks preserving remarkable architecture. We visit a selection among a dozen more parks that preserve important examples of landscape architecture. Instructor: David Kroese

Thursday, Oct. 13
1 to 3 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-017, $29; Lifelong Learner $19
Virtual Classroom

The Plus 50 Program

Continuing Education has developed a series of streamlined classes designed with experiences and skills of adult learners in mind. Learn more here.

  • Career Search for Plus 50 - Sept. 26 to Oct. 24
  • Negotiating Skills for Women - Nov. 7 and 14
  • Job Search Websites - Nov. 2 to 16
  • Networking for Plus 50 - Nov. 8 and 15
  • Self-Discovery for Plus 50 - Nov. 22 to Dec. 13

Free Enrichment for Lifelong Learners

Enjoy the topics and the company! Continuing Education presents free lectures and discussions through our Sage Series and Lunch Break Lectures. Join us for an inspired selection of new topics.

Sage Series

Sessions are free. Registration is required.
For full descriptions and locations, please view the current Schedule of Classes.

  • Behind the Scenes at the MAC with Diana Martinez - Wednesday, Sept. 28
  • Earth, Our Magnificent Home - Saturday, Nov. 5
  • The Twilight Zone: Six Degrees of Separation - Friday, Nov. 11

Lunch Break Lectures

Sessions are free. Registration is required. All lectures are Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. 

Summer Online Lecture via Zoom

  • Sept. 14 - Eisenhower's National Park System with instructor David Kroese, HUMNT-0001-502
  • Sept. 28 - When Detroit Was King with instructor Richard Wilders, HUMNT-0001-503
  • Oct. 12 - Women Who Ruled with instructor Joan Krawitz, HUMNT-0001-504
  • Oct. 26 - Politics Among Nations with instructor Pat deRosset, HUMNT-0001-505
  • Nov. 9 - The Last of His Kind: Ishi with instructor Jack MacRae, HUMNT-0001-506
  • Nov. 23 - The Real Six Wives of Henry VIII with instructor Joan Krawitz, HUMNT-0001-507

Share Your Passion and Experience

College of DuPage Continuing Education is seeking community members who are interested in facilitating Lifelong Learning courses and seminars! Call (630) 942-2208 for assistance with completing a New Course Proposal Form.

Lifelong Learning Scholarship Fund

Limited scholarship funds are available to assist Lifelong Learners who choose to participate in Continuing Education programs. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please choose "Lifelong Learning Programs" on the College of DuPage Foundation donation page or call (630) 942-2462. 

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