Faculty Professional Development

Learning Hybrid:Hybrid Learning

This workshop introduces participants to the possibilities of hybrid learning: the blend of face-to-face and online instructional time in a given course. The workshop itself will be conducted as a hybrid. We will meet face-to-face each week but also work together online, We will cover topics including how hybrids are managed at COD and effective practices for designing and delivering hybrid courses. We will also consider how to best create opportunities for communication and collaboration related to hybrid learning challenges and success beyond the workshop.

Globalizing Your Curriculum: Are We There Yet?


Many faculty understand the importance of incorporating global perspectives and content into their courses, but what does it really mean to "globalize the curriculum?" And how do we know when our curriculum is "globalized?" Are some disciplines or courses inherently "global" and others, not? In this session, we will explore and consider the case for incorporating global learning outcomes in all disciplines and the practical implications of globalization in higher education.

Monthly Faculty Brown Bag

The Faculty Brown Bag will be a panel style presentation of 5 faculty members from diverse fields speaking on a chosen topic related to teaching. These presentations will allow the faculty presenters to highlight particular strategies and observations they have acquired through their years of teaching. It will be a great way for faculty to learn how others teach and, at the end of the presentations, have a dialogue about the presentations. Topics such as promoting student engagement, promoting attendance, syllabus construction, as well as dealing with disruptive students and instructor self-reflection may be covered.


Ken Gray, Faculty Professional Development Coordinator

Ken Gray, Professor of Psychology, has been selected as the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator for a two year term, starting October 1, 2012. In this role, Ken will work with the Teaching and Learning Center staff to identify, design, and promote professional development activities for College of DuPage faculty.

Contact Ken or the TLC for more information.

In addition a Faculty Professional Development Committee will be chaired by Ken Gray. Serving on the committee will be:
Donna Badowski, Nursing Faculty; Mark Collins, Assistant Dean Adjunct Faculty; Denise Cote, Reference Librarian; Vickie Gukenberger, Associate Dean Nursing and Health Science; Ruby Kaur, Anatomy & Physiology Adjunct Faculty; Gina Paladino, Instructional Designer/Facilitator, Teaching and Learning Center; Lois Stanciak, Education Faculty; Cathryn Wilkinson, Associate Dean Liberal Arts

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Contact Information

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