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Center for Access and Accommodations

College of DuPage is committed to equality of educational opportunities for eligible students with disabilities. If you have the ability to do college-level work and an educational commitment to succeed, we ensure access, provide accommodations and coordinate support services.

All students requesting accommodations need to self-identify with the Center for Access and Accommodations and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Referrals can be made to outside agencies if students do not have documentation but feel that they might have a disability.

Request Accommodations

Any information provided by students is voluntary and confidential.

Contact Access and Accommodations before your classes begin to ensure a smoother transition to College of DuPage. Students who request accommodations after the start of term may experience a delay in receiving accommodations. 

Accommodations Available

  • Testing accommodations
  • Large computer monitors
  • Sign language interpreters
  • FM system
  • Assistive/Adaptive technology
  • Short-term, barrier-free parking; those needing barrier-free parking for longer use should apply for a placard through the Office of the Secretary of State.
  • Wheelchairs, both manual and electric, for short-term, on-campus use

Online Learning Accommodation Support

If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed in the above list, please complete the following form and a team member will be in touch:

If you are having technical support issues unrelated to your disability, please contact the Information Technology Services Student Help Desk at

Accommodations in College

Transitioning from High School to College for Students with Disabilities

All College of DuPage students may benefit from services provided by the following offices:

Once you have purchased your textbook, students may request an alternative (digital) format version of that book. Students may need to show proof of purchase and must verify that they are registered with the Center for Access and Accommodations in order to request an alternative version.

Students should check to see if their textbook is already available for purchase in an alternative (digital) format.

Students with disabilities at COD have the right to equal opportunity, reasonable accommodations, appropriate confidentiality and advocacy within the college community.

Students with disabilities have the responsibility to identify themselves with the Center for Access and Accommodations, provide current documentation, make specific requests and be an advocate in their education.

College of DuPage has a right to expect students with disabilities to meet qualifications and standards set for all students, require current documentation, and enforce reasonable accommodations.

College of DuPage has the responsibility to ensure that all facilities, programs and information are accessible and to provide accommodations.

Contact Information

Center for Access and Accommodations
Student Services Center (SSC), Room 3249
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Summer Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday: closed

Phone: (630) 942-2154
Fax: (630) 942-2071
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