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Basic Academy

In order to attend the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy at College of DuPage, a recruit must be appointed as a police officer or deputy sheriff by an authorized Law Enforcement Agency that is duly recognized by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB).

This cost-effective, 16-week program, offered three times a year, applies diverse training experiences and innovative training strategies to prepare recruits to be highly qualified officers.

Classroom and practical training are central to the program. All instructors are state certified and are currently active in their fields of expertise. Students also are required to take part in several practical scenarios that include traffic stops, crimes in progress, building searches, court testimony, street stops and a variety of everyday situations common to police work.

A regularly scheduled strength and aerobic program is conducted during the academy program. Defensive Tactics, along with other techniques, including verbal judo, are part of the curriculum.

The firearms program is set up with safety first. All instructors are master firearms certified and full-time law enforcement officers. To ensure safety, we maintain a close ratio of students to instructors.


Basic Academy Course Dates

BA 24-01

Jan. 8 - Apr. 26, 2024
Power Test Date: Dec. 12, 2023
Tuition: $4696.00

BA 24-02

Apr. 29 - Aug. 16, 2024
Power Test Date:  Apr. 16, 2024
Tuition: $4696.00

BA 24-03

Aug. 26 - Dec. 13, 2024
Power Test Date:  Aug. 13, 2024
Tuition: $4696.00

Subject to evaluation by the IL Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board and College of DuPage based on training needs & enrollment commitments. Dates may change.

Recruit Materials

1 – Recruit Packet Index

1a – Power Test Reporting Instructions

2 – Power Test Guide-ILETSB

3 – Power Medical Certificate-ILETSB

4 – Medical Examination Packet

5 – College of DuPage Map

6 – Reporting Instructions

7 – Form E-ILETSB

8 – Indemnification Agreement

9 – Driver's License Check Letter

10.1 – IL Law Enforcement Officers Certification Exam-ILETSB

10.2 – Academy Entrance Recruit Background-ILETSB

11 – Informational Contact Person

12 – Release of Information-SLEA

13 – Release of Information-ILETSB

14 – Uniform Package

15 – Crisis Assistance Approval

16 – Fee Structure

17 – Recruit Guide