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College of DuPage Art Galleries

College of DuPage is home the Cleve Carney Museum of Art and two student art galleries: Wings Gallery and Techcetera Gallery. The art galleries serve as a place for students and community members to reflect and be inspired by works of art.  A variety of works are also presented throughout several buildings on campus through College of DuPage's Permanent Art Collection.

Artwork on Campus

People in the Cleve Carney Art Gallery

Cleve Carney Museum of Art

Cleve Carney Museum of Art offers visual art exhibitions showcasing art by regional, national and international artists.

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Gahlberg Gallery Archive

Prior to the construction of the Cleve Carney Museum of Art, the College's art gallery was the Gahlberg Gallery.

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Sculpture in front of college of dupage

Permanent Art Collection

More than 720 individual artworks are inside and outside the COD campus.

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Wings Student Art Gallery

The Wings Student Art Gallery gives students the opportunity to learn curation and professional gallery operation.

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Students inside the techcetera gallery looking at artwork

Techcetera Design Gallery

The Techcetera Design Gallery helps celebrate the interdependence of technology, media and design.

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