Pew Pew Guru LLC (PPG)

Founded in 2017, Pew Pew Guru LLC (PPG) provides enterprise solutions, sourcing and services to individuals, local and federal agencies. They diligently provide continued education, training solutions and resources to meet their client’s needs while assessing short and long-term challenges and how to prepare their most vulnerable resource, the women and men who put their lives on the line every day as they serve and protect.

Kevin Flowers, owner of Pew Pew Guru LLC. started conducting a women’s defense program derived from him analyzing thousands of crimes, comprehensive literature review and interviews with predators and survivors to determine the “what, how, and why” of effective crime prevention and self-defense skills. Their personal safety curriculum is designed to help students effectively recognize criminal tactics and the realistic experience in class so if it becomes necessary they have the self-defense skills to successfully fight back.
Kevin’s program was expanded to a continued education course recommended by a few small communities throughout the State of Michigan. His training blends knowledge about predator typologies into fighting strategies and tactics that include vocalization, assertiveness, boundary setting, verbal negotiation and identification of predators’ weaknesses. They create safe and practical full force scenarios that allow their tactical defense students to practice their skills against their trained padded assailant.

This became a blended program that includes carry and concealed weapons training courses for civilians. Their mission was to help women and new shooters not become victims. In 2019, PPG created an online presence selling non-lethal self-defense weapons and later expanded to firearms and accessories (proof of purchased to license authorized only).

Pew Pew Guru LLC, started looking at ways to grow their Illinois based business. Kevin decided to parlay his expertise in life, safety and arms training into an opportunity to secure government training contracts.

Kevin began utilizing College of DuPage IL PTAC to demystify the certification and vendor registration process. Ileen Kelly, PTAC Coordinator provided an overview of government contracting and assisted him with vendor registrations for and Illinois Procurement Gateway. We also introduced procurement opportunities with local municipalities and their vendor programs.

When PPG expressed interest in obtaining certifications we introduced the various programs at the federal, state and local levels. We provided the document checklist for each certification and reviewed each document as part of their contracting journey, advisors have helped them understand the State Statutes, Procurement Guidelines and Federal Acquisition Regulations to ensure compliancy as a responsible contractor.

PTAC also introduced power searches using Bid Match, Bid Buy and local county procurement websites. Kevin has done well creating his capability statement, a concise, one page document of profiling the company’s competencies that allows him to build on its core content and pivot topically based on what entity he’s approaching.

His team capitalizes on our services and are not shy requesting assistance including review of bid or proposals before submission. In their first year of positioning this company in the Illinois market they ave been awarded a significant contract from the Illinois State of Police We look forward to the continued client relationship as they grow their business in the Local, State and federal contracting arena.

Kevin Flowers stated "I’m not a quitter and I see things through to completion. But without Ileen Kelly and the PTAC counselor program I might have abandoned the process of getting certified as a Veteran Owned Business, or a Minority Owned Business.

The process seemed daunting and I had several starts and stops over the course of a year-before being assisted by Ileen. The program is needed. I can’t thank her enough for all of her assistance, guidance, patience and advice. Because of this program I am actively bidding on government contracts at the local, municipal, state, and federal levels. My company is actually winning bids or being very competitive".

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