Manufacturing Packaging Supplies Material (MPSM) LLC

Tyerone Bell, a US Army veteran, who’s had more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry founded MPSM LLC in 2020, a manufacturing company startup. Tye started his company with the idea of utilizing modern technology to build eco-friendly medical materials and supplies that is 100% manufactured in the United States. Seeing that more and more companies are leaving the country, he feels that some skill sets and future technologies are being lost as well as job opportunities to minorities like himself.  With the desire to provide jobs in his local community and a hub for small and disadvantaged person or companies, he envisioned MPSM to provide just that while protecting the environment by producing highly eco-friendly plastics. The grand opening of their 3000sqft plant in Buffalo Grove, IL last August 12, 2021 created 20 full time jobs so far.

Manufacturing Packaging Supplies Material (MPSM) LLC produces environmentally friendly PPEs, surgical and protective apparel, and others like mouthpieces that quadriplegic athletes can use, that contains revolutionary plastic material that bio-assimilates and is 100% recyclable. Their products utilize the ECLIPSE™ additive by Smart Plastic Technologies which are inserted into the production process along with other standard ingredients. This creates products that safely bio-assimilate back into the environment after their usable lifespan. Depending on application, products made with ECLIPSE additive will bio-assimilate within 6 and 42 months reducing the carbon footprint of that item. MPSM uses Rotocaster, 3D printers, and CNC machines to create, research, and develop their products. Most of their products uses PDT silicone that is FDA approved.

Tye was working with another resource but then contacted Genie Bautista, Business Advisor at the Illinois SBDC at College of DuPage. Tye said that the other place “don't have time to meet or email you. It was very discouraging and then I was able to contact DuPage County SBDC and it was be a great experience. Very knowledgeable staff and they partner with you to help you achieve your goal. Being a Small Business owner, you don't always have the resource and or time to source out information needed for your survival. They (Genie) has given me needed guidance and support as I try to grow my business.”


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