Evolet Eve Wine Shop

An Entrepreneur Took a Chance during COVID-19–Opening a Retail Shop

Monica Lefever is the founder and owner of a one-of-a-kind wine shop in Warrenville, IL. Located in the heart of DuPage county in a closely- knit community that 100% supports its small businesses.

Monica’s story started with personal experience and continued with powering thought the restrictions from the pandemic of 2020. Another major roadblock due to the pandemic was the sudden drop of bank funding. Here is her story.

Once, she attempted an adventure with her two-year old daughter to shop for wine. She knew her endeavor was futile, but needed wine for an event. She couldn’t wait for daddy to get home to fly solo. Let’s just say she left empty- handed and defeated. The reason why it’s not typical to see parents shopping for alcohol isn’t because they shouldn’t, it’s because they CAN’T.

The experience left her pondering on how we as a society can make shopping experiences better, especially for parents. An idea was born. This was the right moment to contact her local SBDC. With the assistance of her advisor she developed a concept to create a space that caters to the fact that there are children on this planet with parents who enjoy researching and carefully selecting labels. Monica came with experience in the wine industry. So, for her to make a difference was not only a leap of faith but also a logical step in becoming a business owner. Even predicting her success financially became soon second nature to her.

During the loan application with a local bank, COVID-19 hit during the built-out phase. The lock-down slowed her startup only a little. Then came the call the bank would not fund her due to PPP processing. After a day of … (not going into detail here) she became a true entrepreneur. She took the lead, tried various other lending institution and at the end of the day opted for alternative capital funding. Little did she know at that point that she would have a very successful opening weekend in August 2020.

My experience and guidance through the SBDC was integral to opening my business! They helped in so many ways! From the technical stuff, to the guidance..... Ultimately though it was the seed you planted in my head (that serious business owners do what they need to do) that got me to not only start the first step, but continue through all the others. ♥

Monica LefeverOwner and Head Wine-o-isseur

Evolet Eve Wine Shop is an experience like no other in the way to shop for artisan wine and craft beer. The space is engineered with family in mind, so whether or not you have your child in tow, you can get the wine shopping experience. Go ahead, momma! Take your time and read that wine label. You deserve it.

After 5 pm Evolet Eve Wine Shop turns into a perfect locale for date night or hanging with your friends!

Evolet Eve Wine Shop has an open wine bar with cozy seating! Wine tastings, wines by the glass, beers by the pint, and small bites are available daily. Come take a seat and relax!




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Business Development Center
535 Duane Street, Office 233
Glen Ellyn IL 60137
(630) 942-2600
Email: bdc@cod.edu

Regular Hours
Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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