DVJahn, Inc.

Dmitriy Janoyev, owner of DV Jahn, Inc. began his journey in the IL SBDC/ITC/PTAC network with the IL SBDC at College of Lake County. After helping him sort out some growing pains, Frank Brisbois wisely referred him to the IL PTAC at College of DuPage to get him assistance with his newly awarded FSS (Federal Supply Schedule) from the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Rita Haake immediately jumped in and met with Dmitriy and his wife Kate to help them get a better understanding of their newly acquired contracting tool. For the past six months, Dmitriy and particularly Kate have not been shy around their PTAC advisors. As often as needed, they email Rita and Amber Gardner to get answers to their many questions. Rita and Amber often tell their clients to do this and that they are not a bother when they reach out, but few actually take the advice. Dmitriy and Kate are quick to admit that there are areas they need clarity on and to explore, and they know exactly where to go for assistance. Rather than struggling and spending a lot of time trying to figure it out on their own, they know their advisors can give them (or get them) a quick answer and they can move on to the next challenge on their plate. In the short time they have been working with the IL PTAC at COD, D.V. Jahn, Inc. has already submitted over 45 bids and have large contract awards to prove that their hard work is paying off! Both Rita and Amber look forward to the great things that D.V. Jahn will accomplish in the next six months and years to come.

Dmitriy and Kate stated, "After realizing the free service provided by PTAC, I kept waiting to hear what the "catch" was and to this day still haven't found one. Rita and Amber are absolutely fantastic to work with and we are fortunate to have this kind of support as we continue navigating government contracting."

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DV Jahn, Inc.

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Business Development Center
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