Ditto Foods

Ditto Foods

Unlike traditional farming methods, “Ditto Foods” uses the science of hydroponics to grow produce faster, with less water, and more sustainably. This is not the only discrepancy between Ditto Foods and other produce suppliers. They also guarantee no child labor or other unethical labor practices are being used in operations anywhere. They pay their workers a living wage.

All produce grows in a sanitary facility with an emphasis on health and safety for employees and customers. Did you know the average head of romaine lettuce has passed through at least 45 pairs of hands before it even makes it to the supermarket? Here at Ditto Foods, only one person handles produce; your local farmer Derek.

Ditto Foods is a minority-owned hydroponic farming company located in south suburban Chicago. “Our mission is to create and maintain a space for a possibility to grow using clean honest food as a link to education, sustainability, and enterprise.” With a focus on social responsibility and sustainability, they provide the highest quality lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, and root vegetables to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups, wholesalers, local restaurants that feature farm to table menus, and the school district #169 in the Village of Ford Heights 365 days a year.

The owners Derek and Brad are industry experts with a family tradition of good, healthy, wholesome food. They had the expertise and the right network partners but lacked funding to start the first “farm”. They came to the SBDC for assistance as a pre-venture during the COVID 19 pandemic. As a startup in 2020, the business model had to be close to perfect with an awesome, watertight financial success model- and Derek and Brad delivered. At the end of 2021, they finally purchased the first “farm” and started to grow (pun intended).

Derek and Brad: “Working with the SBDC transformed our lives. We were able to take an idea about starting a business during a pandemic from just a thought to reality. It took 22 months, 25 institutions saying no, and 1 yes to get us here. Our business, Ditto Foods LLC., is a reality because of the help we received from the SBDC. We look forward to working with them on growing our business into a HUGE success.”

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Business Development Center
535 Duane Street, Office 233
Glen Ellyn IL 60137
(630) 942-2600
Email: bdc@cod.edu

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Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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