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Valley City State University: Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education

A convenient, affordable and streamlined approach to earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.

Who can enroll in the program?

  • Students who have completed or intend to complete an Associate in Arts (AA) degree at COD.
  • New students to College of DuPage (COD) who indicate their intent to enter the 3+1 program.
  • Students who graduated from COD with an AA degree and went elsewhere can be considered for admission for this 3+1 program if they complete any necessary prerequisites. A transcript evaluation needs to be completed by both schools.

How does the program work?

  • Students will complete 64 hours of coursework at COD to complete the Associate in Arts (AA) degree plan below.
  • Upon completing the AA degree, students then complete 32 credit hours of additional COD courses pending transcript evaluation.  
  • Students should apply for admission to VCSU one semester prior to enrolling in any VCSU coursework.
  • All classes are held at the COD Glen Ellyn campus and online.
  • Graduates of the program will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  
  • Graduates will be licensed in North Dakota.  Additionally College of DuPage faculty will work with Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to provide reciprocity for gradates of this program to be listened in Illinois.  

The Advantage

The 3+1 program allows for students to complete their Associate in Arts (AA) degree. Once completed, students are then allowed to take additional courses beyond the AA degree from College of DuPage (COD) paying our much lower tuition rates. The final year of classes are taught by Valley City State University faculty and are offered in an online formate at a significantly reduced rate, making the goal of continuing an education a reality for more students. This program exemplifies College of DuPage's mission to make education more affordable for its students while stressing academic quality, first-class faculty and extraordinary learning environments.

  • Degree: Associate of Arts (AA)
  • Total Credits at College of DuPage: 64 

Courses for Years 1 and 2

Associate in Arts Degree Student Planning Worksheet

Below is a list of General Education Requirements for Block Transfer to the VCSU Elementary Education Program. Students must complete the following courses through College of DuPage or through VCSU for admittance to the education program. 

General Education Courses Credit Hours: 30
Prerequisite Gen Ed Courses Credit Hours
BIOLO 1100- Survey of Biology 4
EARTH 1101 - Physical Geology of Earth's Interior 4
PHYSI 1100- Physics 1100 or STEM 160 (STEM 160 is a VCSU course) 4
 HISTO 1130-Histo. of US to 1865 or HISTO 1140-Hist. of US since 1865 3
PSYCH 1100- General Psychology 3
College Composition I and II  
SPEEC 1100- Fundaments of Public Speaking 3
GEOG 1100 or GEOG 1105 3


Additional COD Course Requirements Credit Hours: 34
Prerequisite Gen Ed Courses Credit Hours
Humanities Gen Ed (PHILO 1110 Highly recommended to meet all Gen Eds) 3
Fine Arts Gen Ed 3
Elective Credits 28


Year 3 COD Courses

Total Additional College of DuPage Credit Hours: 31
 Students should review the COD course catalog and consult with a COD Counselor or Advisor for course planning. 

Elementary Major Requirements Credit Hours: 13
Course Credit Hours
MATH 1321- Math for Elem. Teachers I 4
MATH 1322- Math for Elem. Teachers I 3
ENGLI 1157- Children's Literature 3
EDUCA 2250- Practicum: Para/K12 Classroom  3


Professional Education Credit Hours: 18
Course Credit Hours
EDUCA 2201-Education for Exceptional Children 3
EDUCA 1100- Introduction fo Education 3
EDUCA 2230- Diversity in K-12 Schools 3

EDUCA 1150-
Integration  K-12 Schools

EDUCA 2220- Instructional Psychology 3
PSYCH 2230, 2223 or 2237 3



Year 4 Valley City State University Coursework

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
  • Total Valley City State University Credit Hours: 35
Elementary Major Credit Hours: 21
Course Credit Hours
EDUC 210- Creative Activities 2
EDUC 315- Math in the Elementary School 3
EDUC 320 - Social Studies in the Elem School 3
EDUC 321- Foundations of Reading 3
EDUC 322- Methods of Language Arts Instr. 3
EDUC 323- Methods of Reading in Elem 3
EDUC 355- Science Methods for Elem Teachers 3
EDUC 491- Senior Portfolio 1


Professional Education Credit Hours: 14
Courses Credit Hours
EDUC 249 - Intro to VCSU 1
EDUC 352 - Culturally Diverse Practicum  1
EDUC 450- Trends in Assessment & Educ. Issues 2
EDUC 490-Student Teaching (Elementary) 10

Total Credits for Graduation: 120 credit hours

Students should consult with an advisor or counselor to map their academic plan. Students should also refer to specific program admission requirements as stated in their respective college/university catalogs and departmental web pages.

Important Notes

  • Students are encouraged to meet with a College of DuPage counselor or advisor for help planning for the College of DuPage portion of the program.
  • Courses are not listed in sequence. Please consult your academic advisor and the current course schedule to determine when courses should be taken.
  • A student must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours to qualify for graduation with a bachelor's degree. At least 30 of the 120 credit hours for graduation must be completed through Valley City State University. Students follow the degree requirements for the catalog year in which they enter Valley City State University.
  • Students must complete the Associate of Arts (AA).
  • Students also need to apply for graduation from the AA degree program at COD. 
  • Students cannot take College of DuPage courses during their last semester before graduation from Valley City State University.   
  • Students utilizing financial aid must apply and be accepted into Valley City State University prior to taking any classes beyond the AA degree. It is recommended that students using financial aid should begin applying to Valley City State University one semester before completing the AA degree and ask for the financial aid consortium agreement. Students also need to apply for graduation from the AA degree program at COD. Not doing so will result in not receiving financial aid.

*Students should work closely with their COD counselor, Advisor, or Faculty Advisor.

Additional Information

Contact Information

Dr. April Zawlocki
College of DuPage
zawlockia@cod.edu | (630) 942-3383
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2H01E

Dr. Allen Burgad
Dean, School of Education
Valley City State University
allen.a.burgad@vcsu.edu |(701) 845-7184

Counseling, Advising and Transfer Services
Student Services Center (SSC), Room 3200
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