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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Offerings in the Philosophy/Religious Studies program provide students with introductory and specialized courses that explore the development of humankind's ideas and value systems. Religious studies courses are based on the objective study of the history, literature, beliefs and cultural development of religious systems, individually and comparatively. Faculty members relate particular subject matter to the issues of practical living.

Philosophy/Religious Studies courses serve as a foundation for continuing study at a baccalaureate-granting school, for meeting Humanities and International Studies General Education requirements for an associate's degree, and for personal enrichment. The courses apply to all career fields that students might choose and provide an excellent background for any field of study that requires critical and creative thinking.

The basic philosophy course, Introduction to Philosophy, introduces the study of knowledge, reality and human conduct. Ethics addresses principal moral theories, concepts and principles; Logic deals with basic rules and systems of logic. Specialty philosophy courses offered at least once every two years include Biomedical Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical Thinking, Environmental Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, History of Philosophical Ideas, and history and philosophy of education, science and art.

Comparative and World Religions covers the major ideas from the world's religions. Introduction to Religion examines a variety of cultural religious phenomena. Other courses include Introduction to the Old and New Testament, Asian Thought, and selected topics in religious studies.

Program Requirements

Please consult a faculty member listed below before beginning your coursework. 


  • Philosophy/Religious Studies, Associate in Arts

When planning your coursework, use the Student Planning Worksheet. Degree information and the worksheet can be found on the following files:

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