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The College of DuPage Meteorology Program is like no other meteorology program in the nation. Whether you are interested in forecasting, severe weather or more traditional atmospheric sciences, COD gives students of all ages a chance to delve into how the atmosphere works from the start of their academic career.

Students who are interested in earning a four-year degree can follow the Meteorology Transfer Pathway and transfer to another school as a junior with a wealth of experiences and a top-quality education. Students can also earn a certificate in Weather Hazards and Preparedness.

Climate and earth sciences courses are both challenging and fascinating for students who would like to learn more about meteorology in relation to other careers.

Determine Your Path

Meteorologists conduct research, teach students, provide consulting services and forecast the weather. Meteorologists often work for the government through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), universities and private companies.

You want to attend a credible college that stands out from the rest. At COD, you'll discover:

  • Small class sizes that ensure students receive personalized attention.
  • Dedicated instructors with years of professional experience.
  • Affordable programs to help students achieve success without creating overwhelming debt or draining a savings account.
  • Instruction utilizing top-notch facilities.
  • An innovative transfer program that facilitates a convenient, affordable and streamlined approach to earning a bachelor's degree.

Meteorology Transfer Pathway

The Meteorology Transfer Pathway, Associate in Science degree program represents a typical course schedule or sequence for a student planning to complete the Associate in Science degree within two years, then transfer and major in a specific discipline.

Weather Hazards and Preparedness

The Weather Hazards and Preparedness, Certificate explores physical causes and effects of extreme weather and climate, along with societal mitigation, preparedness, and response to hazardous weather events.

COD Trailblazer: Meet Karissa Klos

Karissa Klos

Karissa attended COD to fulfill a science credit. With the support of her professors, hear how she fell in love with meteorology and is now the Director of On-air Operations at Weather Nation.

Get Started Today

The first step to getting started in meteorology is to apply for admission.

Academic and Career Pathways give you a roadmap to achieving your career goals. Follow a pathway based on your degree that outlines which classes you need to take and when so you graduate on time or move on to the next phase in your career.

Students who complete an Earth Science course meeting the Illinois general education graduation requirement will:

  • Identify the risks, societal impacts, and appropriate responses to earth-related processes that may include geological, astronomical, atmospheric, and hydrological issues.
  • Examine and explain the interrelationships among at least two of the following systems: geological, astronomical, atmospheric, and hydrological.

College of DuPage has several earth science transfer agreements in place with four-year colleges and universities to save you time, money and make the transfer process easier.

Many of these agreements with other colleges and universities have specific course requirements and a pre-determined course plan that needs to be followed to be eligible to transfer. Contact a program faculty member or academic advisor to learn more as course requirements vary by institution.

COD Stories

Christine Wielgos

"Because of all the meteorology classes that were offered at COD, I definitely felt that I had a distinct advantage when I transferred to Northern Illinois University.” - Christine Wielgos

Christine's COD Story

COD Stories

Mike Zuranski

"Our student chapter of the American Meteorological Society brings in speakers and allows students to gain insight and exposure to various career opportunities." - Mike Zuranski

Mike's COD Story

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