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Nursing and Health Sciences Division

College of DuPage offers more than 30 health-related certificate and degree areas of study. Most of the college's health programs require a separate selective enrollment admission or registration process. 

Our graduates typically achieve a nearly 100 percent pass rate on applicable board certification exams. They are ready, willing and very prepared to begin their careers in the health care industry.

For current application or registration information visit Health Career Program and Information Packets page.  It is strongly recommended that you attend the Program Advising Session as a first step.

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Jared Deane, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences

Hear Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, Jared Deane, discuss how you can succeed in the field of health sciences at COD.

COD Stories

Kim Armour

“Life is waiting for you and as you look for the next journey of your life, walk through the door. If you get on the other side and it’s not what you thought, pause and ask yourself, ‘What did I learn?" - Kim Armour

Kim's COD Story

COD Stories

Ernest Daunter

“The hard work just isn’t that bad when you’re passionate about what you’re doing. So many dreams go unrealized for one reason or another. COD helped to get me on a track to realize my full potential.” - Ernest Daunter

Ernest's COD Story

COD Stories

Loradana Imrisek

“Come in with an open mindset, leave your past at the door and be prepared to work hard. COD is a place of opportunity where you can find out where you belong." - Loradana Imrisek

Loradana's COD Story

COD Stories

Reid Nussbaum

“COD was very accommodating in helping me get the education I needed. The program director even helped me get a clinical site that was closer to where I lived so that I could get the experience necessary to succeed without having to drive so far.” - Reid Nussbaum

Reid's COD Story

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