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Adjunct Faculty Training Institute

The Adjunct Faculty Training Institute (AFTI) provides a comprehensive program of professional development for adjunct faculty at colleges and universities nationwide. Professional education offered at the Adjunct Faculty Training Institute is designed to offer best-practice teaching strategies, increase student achievement, reduce student withdrawal rates, and increase student success. The Adjunct Faculty Training Institute has four courses designed for adjunct instructors nationwide. The online courses are designed to deliver instruction effectively and create a cohort environment where instructors can share best practices.

AFTI Courses

For those new to adjunct teaching or those interested in becoming an adjunct instructor, this fully online program provides basic and advanced techniques for professional development. Instruction includes syllabus preparation, classroom management, and formative and summative assessments. There will be three synchronous online meeting times during the 12-week period. During the final week of class,  participants will present a mini-lesson plan. The online curriculum is on your own schedule each week. Have required textbook by first day of class: Teaching at Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors, 5th edition, by Linda Nilson. ISBN: 978-1119860228

Monday, May 13 to July 29
BSFPD-0200-NET01, $495
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This advanced teaching course is designed to support faculty in transforming students from passive listeners to active learners while improving learning outcomes and deepening understanding. You will leave the session with strategies and techniques that can be used in your face-to-face, hybrid and online courses. This is an advanced course designed for current adjunct faculty at any institution. This course has 4 synchronous online meeting times to be determined during the 1st week of class. Have required textbook by first day of class: Making Learner-Centered Teaching Work: Practical Strategies for Implementation by Phyllis Blumberg. ISBN-13: 978-1620368954

Monday, June 10 to July 15
BSFPD-0300-NET01, $249
Online (Self-paced)
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This course focuses on student learning as the central goal of quality instruction. Instructors will learn strategies to measure the degree to which students are meeting course objectives. Colleges and universities are being called upon to measure learning outcomes and utilize data for continuous improvement as a requirement for accreditation. You will learn to align your instructional activities to the learning objectives of your program. You will learn and implement multiple direct and indirect assessment methods. You will examine elements of an effective assessment plan as well as strategies for teaching and learning through a lens of core questions: "What will students be able to know or do?" and "How will I know that they can do it?" This course has 2 to 4 synchronous online meeting times.

Monday, June 10 to July 15
BSFPD-0320-NET01, $249
Online (Self-paced)
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This module explores diversity and social justice, specifically in the context of the college environment. Concepts covered include race/ethnicity, gender, class, and individual and group experiences. You will discuss equity in education, access and inclusion, and diversity in the classroom and beyond. You will explore strategies for mitigating the problems faced by marginalized groups, particularly in regards to educational settings. This course has 2 to 4 synchronous online meeting times. Have required textbook by first day of class: Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice by Maurianne Adams
SBN-13: 978-1138023345

Monday, June 10 to July 15
BSFPD-0310-NET01, $249
Online (Self-paced)
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Registration Information

For more information, contact Jenifer Walsh at walshj103@cod.edu or call (630) 942-3045.


The Learner-Centered Teaching course offered at College of DuPage's Adjunct Faculty Training Institute reinvigorated me as an instructor! I have been able to implement simple strategies that have produced astonishingly positive outcomes for my students. If you're looking for a professional development opportunity, I highly recommend Learner-Centered Teaching! 

Lauren Morgan, Professor, Speech Communications

Instructor Bios

Kate Szetela

Kate Szetela is a manager for adjunct faculty support at College of DuPage and has been an educator for over 15 years. She earned her Master's Degree in Education from DePaul University and is pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of the Cumberlands.  In addition to teaching in high school and college settings, Kate has experience with program management, course design, assessment development, and contributed to curriculum for the Illinois Community College Board. Kate is passionate about coaching faculty across disciplines to apply instructional technology and methods that engage and inspire. Kate regularly presents at local, state and national conferences.

Sonia Watson

Sonia Watson is the Interim Assistant Dean for Adjunct Faculty Support at College of DuPage. She received her Doctorate in Organization Development with an emphasis in Higher Education Leadership from Benedictine University. She also has a Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies and a BA from North Central College. As an educator for more than twenty years, Sonia has extensive experience as a training and development leader whose accomplishments demonstrate strategic leadership, efficient management, and effective decision-making. She also understands how to motivate, lead, develop meaningful relationships, and create synergistic environments. Sonia has a passion for helping students reach their academic, professional, and personal goals. She is also committed to fostering an environment that supports teaching and learning at the college. She leads efforts to ensure College of DuPage students and faculty members’ success, guiding the institution’s mission of creating a lifelong learning environment for its diverse community. Sonia has considerable experience presenting at conferences across the nation and internationally.

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National Council for Continuing Education and Training

The Adjunct Faculty Training Institute recently became an NCCET certified program. NCCET is the National Council for Continuing Education and Training, a nonprofit organization that provides leadership for professionals in continuing professional education, community services programming, workforce and economic development and lifelong learning. The application requirements were submissions of course syllabi, materials quality, marketing methods, educational value, accessibility, testing practices and professional references. The NCCET curriculum committee reviewed our application materials and awarded us Program Certification of the Adjunct Faculty Training Institute.

NCCET: National Council for Continuing Education and Training

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