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Learning Communities

Learning Communities combine two or more classes linked by a common theme, allowing a more immersive exploration of the class topics. You’ll enhance your education and develop a meaningful support network with others who share similar interests. Learning Communities are innovatively designed to help you enjoy the path to achieving academic success! Check below for this semester’s offerings.

How Learning Communities Work

  • They encourage deeper learning by exploring subjects through an interdisciplinary perspective that promotes integrated learning.
  • Classes run back-to-back with a break in between.
  • More time spent with faculty and classmates allows you to develop meaningful relationships and increased collaboration.
  • They allow you to complete general education and/or program requirements in a unique learning environment.
  • Assignments are often coordinated, creating a workload that feels more manageable.
  • Some learning communities even take field trips!

What Students Have to Say

  • “It definitely had more of a family feel than any other class.”
  • “I participated in two learning communities in my time at COD and I wish the university I transferred to offered them. Content from these courses stuck with me because we had more time to discuss and absorb the information. I always noticed how topics from my classes would crossover, and learning communities allow you to share that experience with a whole group.”
  • “I think [learning communities] are great! It was very helpful to have two classes that were together; it made my first semester easier and prepared me for the rest of my college experience.”
  • “Good way to learn by getting ideas from various perspectives.”
  • “It is great! You’re able to tie together all of the coursework and complete multiple classes during one period.”
  • “Incredibly engaging. Every class should be in this format!”

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