Sample Daily Calendar

Japan 2023 Study Abroad

For Building Broader Perspective

June 21 - July 21, 2023

The following is a tentative schedule:

Scheduled above is subject to change based on the weather.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    June 21, 2023: Leave from Chicago June 22, 2023: Arrive in Osaka, transfer to Kyoto June 23, 2023: Golden Pavilion
June 26, 2023: Ryoanji Rock Garden

June 27, 2023: Phoenix Pavilion, Byodoin

June 28, 2023: Ginkakuji Sllver Pavilion June 29, 2023: Heian Jingu Shrine June 30, 2023: Tanukidani Fudo-in Temple
July 3, 2023: Sanjusangen-do Temple July 4, 2023: Nara Park, Todaiji Temple July 5, 2023: Daikakuji Scripture Calligraphy July 6, 2023: Mt. Iwata Monkey Park July 7, 2023: Eikando
July 10, 2023: Osaka Castle July 11, 2023: Tenryuji Bamboo Walk July 12, 2023: Nijo Castle, Gion Corner July 13, 2023: Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine July 14, 2023: Fushimi, Inari
July 17, 2023: (Ocean Day) Holiday July 18, 2023: Shimogamo Shrine, Mitarashi Festival July 19, 2023: Nishijin Textile Kimono Show July 20, 2023: Kamigamo Shrine July 21, 2023: Commencement Farewell Party

* Transportation and admission fees for all excursions are included.

* Transportation between the school and host family is included.


Academic Program

The program provides an integrated approach that combines intensive language study, independent cultural projects, field trips and after-school activities. This combination offers students an opportunity to study the Japanese language and acquire first-hand knowledge of the people and culture of Japan.


Students are scheduled to stay at the homes of carefully selected families in Kyoto, Japan during the entire program. Breakfast and supper are provided every weekday during the homestay. Lunches are not included.

Course Descriptions

The goal of the program is to make textbook language come alive. The whole community serves as a giant classroom for the students. Students will attend Japanese language classes from 9:15am until 12:45pm Monday through Friday. These classes are taught by faculty from the Kyoto International Academy in Kyoto. In addition, prior to departure for Japan, students will attend an Intensive Weekend Seminar during which they will learn about the culture and civilization of Japan. The weekend seminar will also prepare them for the trip.


The program begins with a field trip in Hiroshima where students are getting to know each other very well. A variety of field trips and excursions are planned throughout the program. These field trips take students to famous temples, shrines, castles, parks and museums. Since Kyoto was a capital of Japan (AD 794 - 1868) and is still regarded as a cultural center of Japan, students will learn a variety of things from living in Kyoto and nearby cities, such as Osaka, and Nara. Transportation and fees for these field trips are all included. Optional weekend trips will also be offered. 


Students will enroll in two courses at the College of DuPage:

Japanese 1101 - 2251 - Japanese Language (4 or 3 semester hour credits)

Japanese 1100-Culture/Civilization of Japan (3 semester hour credits)

Total 6 or 7 semester hour credits


$4,979: This amount includes round-trip airfare from Chicago to Japan; Japanese classes in Kyoto at Kyoto International Academy; room and board as outlined above; excursions as described above. College of DuPage tuition is additional.

Financial Aid

Courses in the Summer Study Abroad Program are regular COD classes. Consequently loans, grants, scholarships, and other form of financial aid that otherwise are available may be applicable to the cost of this program. Check with the Financial Assistance office for more information.


The program is open to students at all levels of Japanese, from beginning to advanced. No prior learning experience of Japanese language is required though it is ideal to have some knowledge. Qualified high school seniors 18 and over before June 19 may be accepted in the program.


Submit completed application by February 15, 2023. Early application is advisable as space is limited. Late applicants may be accepted if space permits.

For more information

Contact Professor Shingo Satsutani (, (630) 942-2019

Stop by Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3520, or email

This trip is subject to the terms and conditions of a completed application package.

Contact Information

Field and Experiential Learning, Study Abroad and Global Education
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3520
General inquiries: (630) 942-2356
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