Student Services Center renovation rendering

Student Services Center (SSC) Renovation

The Student Services Center (SSC), which houses student support operations, student clubs and student engagement areas, is being renovated as of December 2023 to better serve our students.

The renovation includes:

  • An improved main entrance
  • A unified “one stop” for student services on the second floor
  • Updates to the atrium, which includes changes to acoustics and a large digital presentation wall that helps provide more variety for formal and informal student activities and events

The renovation will also relocate Brew 425 to the newly-designed first floor. Additionally, the renovation will create a new multicultural center and reorganize the student life lounge, club and organization meeting rooms, the multipurpose room and departmental offices to better integrate student connections.

Renovation Timeframe

The renovation is scheduled to occur in two phases. Please note the following time periods are approximate:

  • The first phase will take place from March 2024 to October 2024
  • The second phase will take place from October 2024 to May 2025

Anticipated Noise and Power Outages

Demolition work for the Student Services Center renovation is currently underway and will continue during business hours for several weeks.

Power Outages

  • Planned isolated shutdowns of electric service are necessary to complete this phase and will be communicated to occupants in advance.
  • While all shutdowns are planned in advance, there may be occasional disruptions in the Student Resource Center or Berg Instructional Center.
  • If you experience any electric service concerns, please call x4440.

Construction Noise

  • Sound insulation panels have been installed to reduce noise from demolition and construction activities.
  • Louder construction activities are scheduled outside of class hours. 
    Staff and students will be redirected from their usual routes to accommodate brief construction activities. During this time, corridor lighting may be reduced.
  • For questions or concerns other than power outages, please contact Facilities Senior Project Manager Jim Prochaska at  x4046 or via email at

SSC Renovation Alternate Walking Paths

Effective March 4, temporary walls will reroute some walking paths through the Student Services Center (SSC). Each level features a new path around the project. Learn More

Temporary Office Locations

As the College prepares for the renovation, offices are relocating. Signage will be placed at each front service area to guide students to the temporary locations for each department. We ask for your understanding and flexibility during this time.

Access and Accommodations

Relocated to Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1140.

Admissions and Campus Central

Relocated to the Enrollment Center in Seaton Computing Center (SCC), Room 123

ATM Relocated to Student Resource Center

As part of the SSC Renovation project, the ATM provided by Glen Ellyn Bank & Trust has been moved. It is now located beside the Police Service Desk in the Student Resource Center (SRC).

Brew 425

Relocated to Student Resource Center (SRC), inside Cafeteria

Career Services

Relocated to Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1140.

Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (including Latino Outreach)

Relocated to Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1500.

International Student Services

Relocated to Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1A07.

Registration and Financial Aid Services

Relocated to the Enrollment Center in Seaton Computing Center (SCC), Room 123

Student Life

Student Life have relocated their offices across the front counter into the Student Lounge in Student Services Center (SSC), Room 1200.

Veterans Services

Relocated to Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1A06.
Students can find support online during the move, and in the locations identified after they relocate.

To learn more about the SSC Renovation, watch a presentation from the July 2023 Board of Trustees meeting.

Contact Information

For any questions, email