Student Stories: Will Storm

Will Storm

Major: Business/Management

While still in high school, Will Storm started his own part-time business, a sharpening service.  

“The business focuses primarily on household kitchenware consumers within the DuPage area, providing them with quick, convenient and an affordable service to improve their daily experience within the kitchen through sharpening their tools,” he said. “The idea came from a friend, who operated a similar business model and who I received training from before starting on my own. Through this experience, which I maintained during college, I was able to appreciate and understand my strengths in the business sector and help narrow my career interests.”

Emerging Entrepreneurs at COD

Storm began taking classes at College of DuPage while finishing high school in order get a head start on his general education requirements. He then studied business and took advantage of many opportunities, becoming president of the Entrepreneurship Club, participating in the Business Pitch Contest, obtaining coaching through the Small Business Development Center and being part of COD’s first Maker Market, where he showcased his business.

“COD helped me principally to obtain my initial years of higher education at an affordable rate with the confidence that I could transfer to finish my four-year degree,” he said. “Meeting several professors in the Business program gave me many opportunities to interact and learn more about the business world in terms of practical experience as well as how to maintain important business relationships, which has helped me immensely.”

Meeting several professors in the Business program gave me many opportunities to interact and learn more about the business world in terms of practical experience.

Will Storm

After earning an Associate in Applied Science degree in Management, Storm took advantage of the 3+1 program with Benedictine University to earn his Bachelor of Arts.

“Upon transferring to Benedictine, through the flexible night class schedule, I was able to manage my personal business and gain experience through an internship program.”

Having completed his bachelor’s degree, Storm transferred ownership of his business to another family member and is now working at U.S. Bank as a collateralized debt obligation (CDO) portfolio administrator. He is part of a team that helps to operate and manage large financial investment vehicles for a variety of international clients. He also would like to obtain a master’s degree to further his career.

Storm advises anyone interested in COD’s Business/Management/Marketing program to not be afraid to ask for advice.

Transfer Opportunities at COD

“Learning is best done through doing, so try as many new things as you can within the business realm,” he said. “It is surprising how many doors open if you approach people with the mindset of an eager learner and an upbeat attitude. Additionally, cultivate an appreciation for others and learn to thank people for their time, as this is the most valuable asset a person can give. I participated in several extracurricular activities in my years at COD, and my biggest regret is that I did not push myself to do more.

“I would like to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of my professors and advisors, in particular Professors Peter James, Jane Murtaugh, Joe Tungol and Mary Rojas Carlson. Thank you for the education and many hours of advice you have bestowed upon me.”

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