Student Stories: John Sbarboro

John Sbarboro

Major: Biology

John Sbarboro always knew College of DuPage would be the smart and affordable choice for college.

“My mom works at Harper College as a piano teacher, so I knew I would have to take out a lot of student loans if I wanted to go to a four-year school,” he said. “COD just seemed so accessible, and I could see what did or didn’t interest me without paying an arm and a leg.”

Honors Program at COD

As he enrolled in a variety of classes, Sbarboro discovered a love for biology and professors who believed in his success.

“What got me interested in studying biology was taking it with Professor Thomas Jor-El Hardy,” he said. “Biology was not a class I thought I would enjoy but it turned out to be very interesting. COD also helped give me the confidence to pursue my education, as I had never really considered myself to be smart. I received encouragement from multiple professors and feel really lucky to have had their support. As someone who was not sure about continuing my education, I do not think I would be transferring to the University of Michigan without their guidance.”

Sbarboro also enrolled in two honors classes, Ancient Philosophy and Early Modern Philosophy, both with Professor Les Wolf.

COD allows you the freedom to explore fields and go at your own pace.

John Sbarboro

“At first, I didn't even realize Ancient Philosophy was an honors course. I took it because philosophy interests me,” he said. “What I liked most about the class was that it was challenging in all the right ways and really pushed me to do my best work.”

After earning his Associate in Science degree and graduating with high honors, Sbarboro is pursuing biology at the University of Michigan. He is unsure of what path to follow but knows the field leads to multiple careers, whether it is biotech, medicine or another option.

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As for COD, Sbarboro is glad he enrolled and encourages others to do the same.

“If you are not sure what you want to study or are worried about the price of college, then you should definitely go to COD,” he said. “COD allows you the freedom to explore fields and go at your own pace. I would also say not to worry about the quality of education because I believe COD has some of the most passionate professors who truly want to see their students succeed.”

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