Student Stories: Ryan Carr

Ryan Carr

Major: Surgical Technology

Ryan Carr initially earned a degree in computer science, but it wasn’t the right fit.

“I didn’t go through with it because it wasn’t that rewarding for me to do as a career,” he said. “I wanted to help people but was uncertain what direction to take, so I signed up to see a health counselor to help me decide. She mentioned surgical technology and said it’s a hands-on career, and I liked what I heard.”

While researching schools with accredited programs, Carr found College of DuPage. It was highly recommended and had a one-year Surgical Technology program as opposed to two years at other schools.

COD turned out to be the best move for him. After graduating with an Associate in Applied Science in Surgical Technology, Carr began working as an agency surgical technologist. He specializes in orthopedic services but also scrubs in for a variety of specialties, and his goal is to expand his knowledge into all specialties.

The teachers are so experienced in the field, they helped with anything you needed.

Ryan Carr

“If you want to help people in an awesome way, being a surgical technologist is a great career,” he said. “The patient is only awake for about 15 minutes because of the anesthesia. You help patients in a unique way that is very rewarding, and you are a key to a successful team.” 

Carr is glad he found COD, which prepared him for a career that is the right fit for him.

“COD helped the whole way through the program,” he said. “The teachers are so experienced in the field, they helped with anything you needed, and they got you prepared for clinicals.”

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