Student Stories: Britney Nakhammouane

Britney Nakhammouane

Major: Biology

Britney Nakhammouane developed an immense love and fascination for animals, plants and nature at an early age.

Honors Program at COD

“When I was in fifth grade, my teacher would often have us watch Planet Earth documentaries in class,” she said. “As a kid, I loved watching those documentaries, so I have known for a long time that I wanted a career that has something to do with animals. This is why I decided to major in biological science.”

She chose College of DuPage for its affordability and location close to home. During her time at COD, Nakhammouane received the Paul W. and Katherine T. Hedburn Student Success and Retention Scholarship from the COD Foundation, which helped her pay for tuition.

What she found at COD was a strong community of students and professors.

COD is a great place to explore your interests without being totally burdened with student debt.

Britney Nakhammouane

“My time at COD was really great,” she said. “Not only did I get to meet and have really amazing professors who helped me explore my interest in biology through my Honors Contract projects, but I also got to grow and gain valuable experiences by being involved in so many amazing events and projects as a clerical assistant for the Honors Program, such as the Celebration of Academic Excellence Open House, the Inspiration Tree, the Chappy sticker, and the Honors Council of the Illinois Region (HCIR) Research Symposium.”

Nakhammouane earned an Associate in Science degree and graduated with highest honors. She transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in hopes of becoming a biologist conducting research. This summer, she is excited to participate in CIM²AS, an eight-week summer internship during which she will assist in research on the Monarch butterfly migration that will go through Illinois.

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As for COD, she highly recommends it to prospective students as a place to find their future career paths.

“If you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet, COD is a great place to explore your interests without being totally burdened with student debt,” she said. “And, for students considering transferring after COD, your time at COD is the best time to build good habits and figure out how you learn best. It is thanks to my time at COD that I am succeeding in my studies at UIC, and I have a clear vision of what I want to do from now on. I’m really thankful that I decided to go to COD.”

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