Student Stories: Bianca Donato

Student Stories: Bianca Donato

Major: Accounting

Bianca Donato always knew that she wanted to major in a business-related field.

“After sitting in (College of DuPage Professor) Maureen McBeth’s 2140 Accounting class, I switched from marketing to accounting and have never been more sure of my major,” she said. “I found my passion in both her 2140 and 2150 classes.”

Coming to College of DuPage was the right decision for Donato. Her older sister also attended COD, and she knew it was one of the best community colleges in the country. She also felt it would prepare her well for transfer to a university.

“I enjoyed my two years at COD and am happy to have received my Associate in Arts degree from there,” she said. “COD not only helped me transition from the daily routine of high school to the more independent routine of college, but it also gave me wonderful friends and an incredible mentor, Maureen McBeth. In my two years at College of DuPage, I grew both as a student and a person.”

In my two years at College of DuPage, I grew both as a student and a person.

Bianca Donato

Donato transferred to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s of Accountancy Science degree. While there, she and several other transfer students started the Transfer Student Initiative.

“We saw a need among transfer students in the College of Business to help ease the transition into the school,” she said. “We hosted information sessions packed with all things U of I, boot camp sessions with interview tips and tricks, and we implemented a buddy system to continue growth throughout the school year.”

Accounting Success Stories

After working as an accounting analyst at closerlook, inc., in Chicago, she is now a professional services manager for SEC reporting at Workiva, a software development company that delivers the world’s leading cloud platform for regulatory, financial, environmental, social and governance reporting. Donato also joined the Board of Advisors for COD’s Accounting program, where she was excited to share her insight on her own college experience and how the interview process has evolved. She eventually would like to teach accounting and spread her passion and knowledge of the subject.

For students to be successful at College of DuPage, Donato advises them to get involved as soon as possible.

“Join clubs and get in to see your professors during their office hours,” she said. “There are wonderful professors who are happy to help you with assignments or help guide you throughout your college career. A multitude of resources are available to every student, but it is up to you to take advantage of them.”

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