Student Stories: Filip Bednarz

Filip Bednarz

Major: Manufacturing

Filip Bednarz has always been interested in the manufacturing process and how you make anything.

“We see products in stores, like iPhones, computers, car parts – the list is endless. I’m interested to know how to make these products and how much work goes into making them,” he said.

Bednarz heard about College of DuPage, and friends who had attended encouraged him to enroll. So be began taking classes in the Manufacturing program.

“It was a journey for me, working full time and going to COD four days a week. But COD was there all the way with me, helping me and even helping me get a position in a company where I could have a career,” he said.

As long as you put the effort into learning, you are in good hands at College of DuPage.

Filip Bednarz

Bednarz earned his Associate in Applied Science degree and graduated with high honors. He landed a job with Bison Gear & Engineering and currently works as manager of quality assurance and continuous improvement, where his duties include dealing with engineering documentation errors, investigating root causes of failures, researching best corrective actions to issues, and addressing supplier/customer issues.

“The thing I love most about this position is that it is very project-driven and it allows me to be my own boss,” he said.

He also continued his education at Southern Illinois University, where he finished an online master’s degree program in Quality Engineering and Management.

Bednarz is pleased that he started at COD and has already returned as an adjunct faculty member in the Manufacturing program. He is also pursuing a second degree from COD, this time in computer science.

“There are so many opportunities out there in the manufacturing sector, and I want to be as skilled and qualified as I possibly can,” he said. “As long as you put the effort into learning, you are in good hands at College of DuPage. The Manufacturing program is putting a lot of money into new equipment that will give you a great learning experience and help you in your career. 

“I want to come back to COD and get started on another degree in the future. Really, I would love to continue my education for as long as possible.”

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