Faculty Stories: Jane Murtaugh

Jane Murtaugh

Program: Business/Management/Marketing

Jane Murtaugh always tells her students that education should not be a painful process.

"It's a worthwhile process -- one that offers knowledge and value that can be applied in their everyday lives," she explained. "There's no greater feeling for me as an instructor than when a student is able to connect what we're talking about in the classroom with what they're experiencing in the workplace.

"And, what's even greater is when they apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to their work situations as managers and, more importantly, as leaders in their work environments."

It helps that Murtaugh brings to her management and marketing classrooms a combination of real-world and educational experience. After an initial stint as a teacher, she transitioned into the corporate arena and worked as a marketing support representative for NBI Incorporated; a software trainer, systems engineer and systems engineering manager for Data General Corporation; and as an area technical manager for Avnet Incorporated.

But she returned to education while completing her MBA and master's degree in Business Education. She taught part-time at Elgin Community college for eight years and one term at COD before being hired full-time.

"We live in a business-oriented society where even if we aren't employed within a business enterprise as managers, we encounter the marketing efforts of those businesses on a daily basis. Understanding the interactions between today's organizations both internally and externally to the firm itself is fascinating," Murtaugh said.

"Job satisfaction for me comes from being in the classroom with my students and sharing my education, knowledge and work experiences with them as they prepare for their careers. Additionally, I enjoy advising sessions with students as they set their goals for college transfer and employment searches.

"I can think of no greater place to be."

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