Faculty Stories: Kathleen Mullin

Faculty Stories: Kathleen Mullin

Department: Continuing Education

Kathleen Mullin first became interested in history while in middle school.  

“It was always my favorite subject, probably because I liked reading about famous people, learning about places far away and, when possible, visiting historical sites,” she said. “Coupling that interest with my desire to become a teacher, and the end result is a history and social science teacher who has spent over 45 years in the classroom.”

In addition to teaching history classes for Continuing Education at College of DuPage, Mullin is a consultant for the College Board, running workshops for educators who teach Advanced Placement United States History to high school students. As a consultant, she has spent more than 22 years grading the AP U.S. History exam each year.

Whether she is teaching high school students or older adults, Mullin wants them to leave her classroom with a better understanding of the world today.  

“Our shared history as humans on this earth have led us to the here and now,” she said. “Shared memories bring us closer together and help explain the world to us. With all of my students, it is my desire to bring my love of history to their lives and encourage them to read and grow.

“Having students ask for recommended books on subjects or topics that I teach about in my classes inspires me to keep doing what I do. Teaching adults is so rewarding, because they are lifelong learners and when I look at their faces in my classroom, it makes me want to continue to grow and learn as they have.”

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