Faculty Stories: Tom Kulanjiyil

Tom Kulanjiyil

Program: Philosophy and Religious Studies

Teaching is a call and passion in Tom Kulanjiyil's life.

"I see education as a powerful instrument for change and progress at the personal, social and political levels," he said.

Philosophy and religious studies interested him early in his educational career, where critically thinking through questions of fundamental import was both intellectually satisfying and spiritually engaging. Kulanjiyil was fascinated by both Western and Eastern philosophies and religious traditions, which led him to further explore them more seriously.

Kulanjiyil worked at undergraduate and graduate levels at two private colleges and a university, where he offered courses in Theology, Psychology, Philosophy, World Religious and Ethics. Now he teaches Philosophy and Religious Studies at College of DuPage, where he is committed to challenging his students to become men and women of integrity, honesty and responsibility.

"Approaching education holistically with an emphasis on student character building, I like to see my students become better human beings and productive members of society," he said. "I am inspired when I see my students succeed in life by maturing mentally and emotionally, and also by gaining knowledge and skills that are necessary to live lives with wisdom, meaning and purpose."

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