Faculty Stories: Danica Hubbard

Danica Hubbard

Program: English

Danica Hubbard has always been fascinated with the written word.

In her office, she displays a sign with the Latin phrase, “Nulla dies sine linea,” which translates in English to “Never a day without a line.” It's a practice that stretches back to childhood, when she grew up in a home bursting with books.

"I remember leafing through the pages of 'The Giving Tree' and thinking, 'I want to string words together into a tapestry of art, balance and light, '” she explained.

Before coming to College of DuPage in 1994, Hubbard worked at DePaul University in the Academic Advising and Writing Center as an English studies tutor; with the National Writer’s Voice Project in Chicago promoting authors and establishing community literacy programs; and as a Merchandising Specialist at IBM Corporation in the Government, Education and Transportation Division, where she worked specifically with community colleges and universities formulating advertising, sales and merchandising strategies with computer products.

Hubbard now teaches English Composition and Developmental Reading at College of DuPage, which is a manifestation of her passion for reading and writing. She was also inspired by her mother.  

"She was a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools and at the Illinois Youth Center – Department of Juvenile Justice. She taught me to become the best teacher I could be," Hubbard said. "I am dedicated to teaching – working with students is an incredible experience. Sharing text with one another on a daily basis opens doors to success. Navigating challenges in a traditional classroom and an online setting is exciting. Exploring different ways to exchange information, retain knowledge and analyze ideas within multiple genres brings out innovation and creativity in teaching. Each day is different, each student is different. Students’ stories make up the tapestry of my career at COD.

"I hope my students are provided with a road map to a successful academic career. I hope they come away with a variety of strategies to utilize in different situations. I hope they are clear communicators and feel confident to apply their experience by establishing independent reading and writing habits of their own."

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