The Engineering program at College of DuPage provides the first two years of baccalaureate work, including courses in mathematics, computer programming, chemistry, physics, engineering graphics, mechanics, circuits, and general studies. Upon completion of the Associate in Engineering Science degree, students transfer to baccalaureate-granting institutions, where they complete the last two  years of their bachelor's degree in engineering.

A Bachelor of Science degree is the entry-level degree for a career in engineering. Engineering is a rewarding career, both professionally and financially. A successful engineering student must have an aptitude for mathematics and science. Graduates with engineering degrees or backgrounds are in great demand for the design and development of new products, equipment, structures and processes, and operation and management of all kinds of equipment and services. Demand for engineers continues to grow in such fields as energy development and conservation, food production, transportation, environmental improvement, health service improvement, information handling, and other social areas.


Engineering Olympics 2015

College of DuPage Hosts 2015 Engineering Olympics


Engineering Olympics 2014



Contact Information

Scott Banjavcic, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3436H
(630) 942-2432

Alyssa J. Pasquale, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3E01
(630) 942-3902

David S. Smith, Ph.D.
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3E10B
(630) 942-2418


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Division
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06, (630) 942-3210

COD Engineering Pathways

A pathway to guaranteed admission to the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


  • Student Spotlight: Reggie Martin

    Reggie MartinEngineering

    “My time at COD was so valuable. In addition to learning about time management, I came to realize that I didn’t need to go to a four-year school to be successful academically. I received the same foundation that I would have elsewhere but at an affordable cost, and it was an easier environment in terms of access to professors and the attention I received whenever I needed help. Even though NASA wasn’t my original goal, I always wanted to get better and improve every step of the way. College of DuPage helped me get to the next level and kept me moving forward.”

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  • Student Spotlight: Jessica Halder

    Jessica HalderEngineering

    “Keep an open mind about what your future will look like. I’ve talked to countless people who changed their major at least once and ended up being much happier with their second, third or even sixth choice. Taking classes at COD influenced me to become more invested in math and engineering, which ultimately made me realize that bioengineering is a very good fit for me.”

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  • Spotlight: Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithEngineering

    "With all the help I’ve received from my professors and the staff in the Math Center, I’m now solidly on the road to becoming an engineer and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the help I’ve received."

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  • Spotlight: Edie Kochur Cowan

    Edie Kochur CowanEngineering

    “Because College of DuPage is a two-year school, I got a lot more opportunities to gain hands-on experience. I helped design and build two robots and competed in competitions – the Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition at UIUC, where we won an award for our robot, and the NASA Robotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center. Both competitions helped me gain real-life experience.” 

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  • Spotlight: Gustavo Contreras

    Gustavo ContrerasEngineering

    “Being mentored by knowledgeable and experienced professors while studying alongside some of the brightest students I’ve come across allowed me to expand my understanding of the scientific world in a way I didn’t envision before. Also, the diversity of the student body provided me with a glimpse of what awaits me when I leave the collegiate lifestyle.”

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