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Blackboard: Clear Navigation

In this session we'll look at ways to organize your material that makes clear sense to your students. We'll look at some good examples, and then practice editing the course menu, adding content, and building the outline of a clear structure. This is a great session for people getting started with Blackboard.

Blackboard: Gradebook

In this workshop, participants will learn how to navigate the Grade Center, customize it to suit their needs, use smart views, letter grading schemas, and the Column Organization page. They will learn how to create columns to manage and calculate grades. Participants will learn how to add color rules to the Grade Center to provide visual indicators to interpret information quickly. Participants will learn how to use the Needs Grading page to increase instructor efficiency. Finally, they will learn how to add and manage grades, including grading test and assignment submissions, and how to view and grade anonymously and by question.

Blackboard: Content Creation

This workshop introduces participants to the various types of content types they can add to their courses. The focus is on learning how to add items and tool links to content areas. They can experiment with ways to present and organize their content. Participants will explore the content editor and learn about the features of Course Files. Along the way, they learn best practices to help their students become comfortable in the online environment and the most common ways to add files to their course.

Blackboard: Discussions

This workshop explores the discussion board tool in Blackboard Learn. Participants will learn how to create, grade, and manage forums and threads. Participants will learn about some best practices and etiquette guidelines as they relate to this form of online communication.

Blackboard: Groups

This workshop concentrates on successfully using the groups tool and covers creating and managing groups, and enabling collaboration tools to fit requirements. Along the way, they will discover best practices and practical issues related to using the groups tool in online courses.

Blackboard: Tests

This workshop provides an introduction to the tests tool in Blackboard Learn, with a focus on creating and deploying tests. Participants are introduced to the question types available. They will learn to specify question settings, offer partial and extra credit for answers, use negative credit options for some questions, add tests to course areas, set test options, and use the mashups function to add a YouTube™ video to a test question. Topics include best practices about using tests as teaching tools and encouraging academic honesty.


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