Enrollment Verification

What is Enrollment Verification?

Enrollment Verifications serve as proof of your status as a student. Insurance companies, loan agencies and other organizations may require a verification in order for you to be eligible for certain benefits. In some cases, verification may be necessary to prove that you did not attend College of DuPage.

Status is defined in the College of DuPage Catalog as:

  • Full-Time Status - 12 or more credit hours per term*
  • Part-Time Status - less than 12 credit hours per term
    • Three-Quarter Status - 9 to 11 credit hours per term
    • Half-Time Status - 6 to 8 credit hours per term
    • Less Than Half-Time Status - 1-5 credit hours per term

*Dropping below full-time status may affect such items as insurance eligibility, loan deferments and financial aid.

Summer semester only: Full-time status is 6 or more credit hours. Be advised that having just 6 credits might affect your financial aid.

Military students: The Veterans Administration determines statuses.


Types of Verifications:


  • Enrollment Verification

There are two types of enrollment verification - online and in-house.

Online: In order to provide a more efficient process of verifying enrollment status for our students, College of DuPage has contracted with an outside firm, National Student Clearinghouse. To use this service, log onto www.enrollmentverify.org. Select Verify Current Enrollment Now! and follow the instructions under "How to use EnrollmentVerify." PLEASE NOTE: A small fee is associated with this service.

In-House: Complete the Verification Request Form and bring it to the College's Cashier's office. You will need to pay a $5 processing fee. The verification will be completed within five business days, but during the beginning of a term, allow for extra processing time.

Mail: Complete the Verification Request Form and mail the form with the $5 processing fee to the Office of Student Records.


Loan Deferment

Students needing to defer their loans should contact their lender for specifications on requesting a loan deferment.

Loan deferment forms can be accessed through your lender's web site. Forms should be signed and forwarded to the College of DuPage Office of Student Records, which will then forward the forms to the National Student Clearinghouse. They will report it to the financial lender.

While you are in deferment, it is your responsibility to notify your lender of any changes. 

Good Student Discounts

Good student discount programs are generally offered through auto insurance companies for policy discounts. Insurance companies have different and specific regulations for granting good student discounts. Check with your auto insurance agent/company for eligibility requirements. Read all insurance forms carefully.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, follow the instructions for In-House Enrollment Verification

Student Loan Verifications

Student loans are monies borrowed from a lender (i.e. bank, university, government, etc.) to fund education.

A loan deferment allows a student to defer payments of a previously disbursed loan if the student is currently enrolled as at least a half-time student. Check with your lender for specific deferment requirements.

To submit your loan deferment form, come to the Office of Student Records and submit your form with the Verification Request Form and a $5 processing fee. Your request will be processed within five business days. 

Secretary of State

Students with a suspended license may need to verify their class schedule at COD in order to obtain a Restricted Driving Permit from the Secretary of State's office.

To verify your schedule, complete the Verification Request Form (option #2) and bring it to the Cashier's office on campus in Glen Ellyn, along with a $5 processing fee. When the Office of Student Records receives the request form and notification from the Secretary of State, verification of your schedule will be sent directly to the Secretary of State's office.

If your schedule changes, it is your responsibility to contact the Office of Student Records. Upon notification, the Office of Student Records will send an updated schedule directly to the Secretary of State. 

Course Description Verification

A course description is a written explanation of a course that includes topics covered, credit hours and lecture/lab hours. This is taken directly from the College of DuPage Catalog. Course descriptions are most often used when transferring your COD credits to another college or university. The school may need extra information regarding the courses you completed when evaluating your transcript.

To obtain a course description. go to the current Catalog online. For classes taken prior to the current Catalog, contact the Office of Student Records.  A maximum of six course descriptions can be processed within the Office of Student Records and mailed or faxed to the address/number requested. There is no fee for this service.

However, if you need more than six course descriptions, visit the COD Library, where all the past catalogs are kept on file, or visit www.collegesource.org, an online database of college catalogs. 

Third Party Verification

Third party verification occurs when a request is made by a third party, i.e. a potential employer or insurance company, regarding your enrollment status, degrees earned or terms of past attendance. All third party verifications need to go through our online service at: nscverifications.org. For more information, call the Office of Student Records at (630) 942-2431. 


Contact Information

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Individuals who need language assistance, please call Campus Central at (630) 942-3000 or email campuscentral@cod.edu.