New Degrees and Certificates

Investing in your Future: College of DuPage Taps into Latest Trends

Adaptation and innovation are crucial in today's challenging economy. College of DuPage stays a step ahead of the curve by regularly introducing new programs in emerging industries and professions that are experiencing rapid growth, and providing training in new skills for existing career areas. The College continues to monitor national, state and local employment trends to ensure that you receive the most valuable and up-to-date learning opportunities.

Our new areas of study reflect changes that help you, the student, prepare for emerging career opportunities. With these offerings, College of DuPage now provides a choice of 79 associate degrees and 161 certificates.

Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate (Radiation Therapy)

The Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate program provides advancement opportunities to registered Radiation Therapists through a variety of instructional methods including online and traditional instruction, simulated practical experience as well as clinical experience. The Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate will provide graduates with 16 undergraduate college credit hours.

Types of jobs: The Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate program will train graduates for the emerging occupation of Proton Radiation Therapist. To qualify for admission, students must be graduates of a Radiation Therapy program and possess at least an Associates of Applied Science degree. These occupations would be covered by the Health Science Career Cluster, Therapeutic Services Pathway.

Music Business Degree (Music)

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Music Business program is a curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in music industry. The degree is designed for the student interested in pursuing business opportunities involving music. This program combines elements of the traditional music curriculum with business, marketing, management, and music industry courses.

Types of jobs: Graduates of this program would find employment in the areas of Music Production, Broadcast Technicians, Corporate Positions in Music Companies, Concert Management, Artist Representation, Music Instrument Repair and Music Merchandising.

Audio Production Certificate (Music)

The Audio Production Certificate is intended for individuals interested in professional music production. This includes careers in live sound, audio recording, radio and television production, and Internet production. This certificate requires 24 credits in program requirements.

Types of jobs: Students of this certificate program would find employment in the areas of Music Production, Broadcast Technician, Corporate Positions with Music Companies, Music Instrument Repair, and Music Merchandising.

Perioperative Nursing Certificate (Surgical Technology)

The Perioperative Nursing Certificate program is designed to provide the registered nurse with the basic fundamentals of perioperative nursing. This course will provide the student with didactic instruction and clinical practice in preoperative patient assessment and diagnosis, surgical patient plan of care and expected outcomes, intraoperative activities, perioperative communication, transfer of care, cleaning, disinfecting, packaging, sterilization, transporting, and storing instrumentation and supplies, emergency situations, management of personnel, services, and material, and professional accountability. This program prepares students for the Certified Nurse in the Operating Room (CNOR) exam. This certificate requires six credits in program requirement courses. More Information about the Perioperative Nursing Certificate. 

Types of jobs: Certified Nurse of the Operating Room (CNOR), Circulating Nurse, Scrub Nurse, Perioperative Nurse

Culinology and Food Science Degree (Culinary Arts)

Culinology is a relatively new field that blends culinary arts, food science and food technology to prepare students for occupations engaged in food product development, food research, food manufacturing, food processing inspector or flavor developer. The A.A.S. in Culinology and Food Science complements the Culinary Arts and Baking/Pastry degrees that develop skills in restaurant and bakery operations by introducing topics related to developing new foods, nutrition, processing technology and government regulations.

Types of Jobs: Food technologist, chef, culinologist, research chef, food chemist, food manufacturing, food processing grader/inspector, flavor developer.

Radio Frequency (RF) Technician Certificate (Electronics Technology)

This certificate program meets industry needs for electronic technicians competent in installation, maintenance and testing of Radio Frequency (RF) communication systems, like those found in wireless cellular communication networks. It consists of application-focused electronics technology courses and provides a pathway for students wishing to complete an A.A.S. degree in Electronics Technology.

Types of Jobs: RF systems technician, RF maintenance technician, radio instrument and control technician, RF system installer, RF test technician, RF calibration technician, electronic telecommunication technician.

iPhone/iPad Developer Proficiency Certificate (Computer Information Systems)

The iPhone/iPad Developer Proficiency certificate prepares students to design and develop applications for the Apple iOS platform in accordance with Apple development standards.

Types of Jobs: Software developer and mobile technology expert. Emerging occupations include social media architect and enterprise mobile architect.

Cardiac Interventional Radiography Specialist Certificate (Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography)

The Cardiac Interventional Radiography Specialist is a multidisciplinary team member who uses sophisticated equipment to create images that aid physicians in diagnosing cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease in invasive cardiovascular settings. This program, the first of its kind in the state of Illinois, prepares students for exciting, challenging careers using highly sophisticated equipment in cardiac catheterization departments, electrophysiology labs and angiography departments.

Types of Jobs: Cardiac interventional radiography specialist, cardiac invasive specialist

Weather Hazards and Preparedness Certificate (Earth Science)

This certificate emphasizes the impacts of hazardous weather as it relates to human activity, business and emergency management. The program explores physical causes and effects of extreme weather and climate, along with societal mitigation, preparedness and response to hazardous weather events.

Types of Jobs: Meteorologists, broadcast journalists, print journalists, aviators, emergency managers, public safety personnel; business, education and health services administrators and risk managers

Biomedical Engineering Technology AAS Degree (Electronics Technology)

Biomedical Engineering Technology prepares students for careers in hospitals, health agencies, businesses and industries that manufacture and maintain electronic and biomedical instrumentation equipment. Students learn to test, install and maintain health care components such as rehabilitation and therapeutic products, medical imaging systems, and computer based systems used in the biomedical technology field.

Types of Jobs: Biomedical equipment technician, system technician, repair and maintenance technician, service technician, medical engineering service coordinator, clinical engineering technician, and research associate

Developmental Disabilities Certificate (Human Services)

The Developmental Disabilities certificate provides specialized education to prepare entry-level human services professionals to work with clients with developmental disabilities. The program gives specialized training to those who wish to work with people who need specialized attention due to cognitive, emotional or behavioral disabilities.

Types of Jobs: Case managers, rehabilitation counselors, mental health counselors, addictions workers, social workers, occupational therapists, human service assistants, teachers

Polysomnography Certificate (Respiratory Care)

Sleep medicine is a rapidly growing field in medicine. The Polysomnography certificate program provides students with didactic and clinical course work to perform as a polysomnographic technician in sleep laboratories. Graduates are eligible to sit for the National Board for Registered Polysomnographic Technician's exam. Graduates who are Certified or Registered Respiratory Therapists are also eligible to sit for the National Board for Respiratory Care's Sleep Specialist exam.

Types of Jobs: Polysomnographic technologist, sleep technologist. Those trained in polysomnography can work in hospitals or independent sleep labs and are needed for scoring sleep studies in research facilities.

For general information about any of the College's new degrees and certificates, please contact the Admissions and Outreach Office at (630) 942-2380.