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  • Music, Associate in Fine Arts
  • Music, Associate in Arts
  • Music, Associate in Applied Science


When planning your coursework, use the Student Planning Worksheet. Degree information and the worksheet can be found on the following files:


Course Descriptions


Contact Information

Lee R. Kesselman, Vocal and Choral Music
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 136, (630) 942-2552

Tom Tallman, Instrumental Music
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 137, (630) 942-2369

Ken Paoli, Recording Technology
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 293, (630) 942-2584

Larry Ward, World Music and Music History
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 294, (630) 942-4174

Pam Eiten, Applied Music
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 228, (630) 942-2391

Liberal Arts Division
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2616, (630) 942-2047

Fine and Applied Arts Office
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 219, (630) 942-2048


  • Leah Pogwizd

    Leah PogwizdMusic

    “College of DuPage is a great place to cultivate versatility as a musician or scholar. You have the freedom to explore a lot of different things, but you’re still required to develop competency in key areas. Another great thing about the Music program is that you can go so many different ways with it. There are folks who’ve been playing in one ensemble each term for years, just for the enjoyment of it, and there are people like me who used the program as a launching point for several advanced degrees.”

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  • Kent Lewis

    Kent LewisMusic

    “At COD, I learned to speak the language of music. Understanding theory is crucial to my ability to communicate with other musicians, as well as the discipline of being an accountable member of a team in a performing group or production, whether onstage, backstage or in a creative capacity."

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  • Justin Adair

    Justin AdairMusic

    “I was guided by the fantastic faculty. They helped me realize my goals, further my studies in music, and start to make my path a reality. At COD, I met the love of my life and we've been together ever since. I made friendships with faculty and students that last to this day, and I started to develop the professional training that helped me to achieve what I have so far.”

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  • Christian O'Kelley

    Christian O'KelleyMusic

    "The Music department has provided me with two things. First, I’ve received an excellent foundation for music theory and aural skills. Professor Lee Kesselman’s instruction in both of these areas was fantastic. Second, the McAninch Arts Center is a wonderful facility for both giving performances and enjoying them.”

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  • David Shere

    David ShereMusic

    "The music faculty members at COD are world-class teachers, but more importantly they are genuinely caring people who want you to succeed. They keep the bar high, but they do everything they can to help you reach that bar. Tom Tallman was extraordinarily patient and persistent in teaching those of us who enrolled in jazz combos, even those of us who had no idea what jazz was or how to approach it."

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  • Amy-Beth Kirsten

    Amy Beth KirstenMusic

    I was lucky to have experiences early on in my development, like at COD, which gave me the confidence to keep going. It’s really the joy I find in the music itself that keeps me motivated, When you find something that makes you so happy and stimulates your intellect - and you feel you have something to contribute - it’s impossible to resist.”

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  • Mike Aquino

    Mike AquinoMusic

    "The instructors taught me in a way that allowed me to be myself and further myself, and not like someone off an assembly line. During my time at COD, they had the confidence in me to hire me for shows inside and outside of school activities, and they still do to this day. Without that trust and dedication from those I learned from, I would have missed out on many opportunities during the years that followed. Working with people who love what they do and are amazing at what they do makes you want to rise to the next level, so always reaching for that next level is what I do." 

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  • Theresa Vargas

    Theresa VargasMusic

    "College of DuPage has made me more well-rounded. I am getting better at seeing things from multiple perspectives, my analytical skills have sharpened, and my critical thinking abilities are stronger."

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  • Chad Bobik

    Chad BobikMusic

    "When I first started at College of DuPage, I had no idea how many opportunities would truly arise. Once I set foot on this campus, my future really began to crystallize right before my eyes."

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  • Nissa Anderson

    Nissa AndersonMusic

    "Private universities are expensive, and COD is a great way to keep on track academically while still being able to save money. I also enjoy how flexible COD is and how I can choose classes to fit my schedule."

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  • Ronda de Paola

    Ronda de PaolaMusic

    Ronda de Paola received several scholarships during her time at COD: the Tandaric Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship, the COD Returning Adult Scholarship and the Naperville Rotary Scholarship.

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  • Dave Govertsen

    Dave GovertsenMusic

    "It was a great experience because I got to work in small group settings, whereas other colleges may have had two if not three times as many students. It was the right fit for me."

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  • Beth Malouf Blankenship

    Beth BlankenshipMusic

    "College of DuPage gave me such a great start and I feel lucky to have been able to learn from the instructors here. The music program has so much to offer and it truly prepared me for my education and career in music therapy."

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2011 Guggenheim Fellow


Amy Beth Kirsten

College of DuPage alum Amy Beth Kirsten is among 180 scholars to be named among 2011's batch of Guggenheim Fellows.

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