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Pre-Physician Assistant

1. The following science and math courses are likely to be required (contact prospective institutions early for specific requirements):

  • English 1101, 1102
  • Speech 1100
  • Biology 1151, 1152
  • Chemistry – Chemistry 1551 (Math 1431 or equivalent needs to have been taken prior to enrollment in Chemistry 1551) and 1552 (inorganic); Chemistry 2551 and 2552 (organic)
  • Math 1431 (Pre-Calculus), 1635 (Statistics)
  • Psychology 1100

2. These additional prerequisites may be required:

  • Anatomy and Physiology 1571, 1572
  • Chemistry 2213 (Biochemistry)
  • Microbiology 1429
  • Health Sciences 1110 (Medical Terminology)

3. Comments about admission to physician assistant school:
A physician assistant program is a graduate-level program that requires applicants to have earned a bachelor degree.  Having shadowed a physician assistant improves the application.  Most PA applicants are nurses, EMT's, medical technologists, and other types of healthcare personnel.

4. Web sites providing information on physician assistant schools and the profession:

Physician Assistant Schools in Illinois:


Contact Information

Health and Sciences Division
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 1220, (630) 942-8331