Software Downloads

Not sure you have the right software to get started on your online course? While some programs may need to be purchased, there are many free alternatives that can also meet the needs of students.

*Please note that these programs are not endorsed or sponsored by COD. This is simply intended to be a list of free software students can use.

Web Browsers

We recommend using Firefox or Chrome for accessing Blackboard, but any of these free web browsers will work for online learning.



These programs will ensure that you're able to open or run any of the material you encounter in your online course. 


Office Suites and Word Processors

All COD students get access to Microsoft Office 365 for free through their COD email account. Simply log in then click the Office 365 logo in the top-left corner to access the Office 365 web apps and full copies of the entire suite for download on your Mac or PC.

There are also other programs available for free that will allow you to write papers and craft presentations and spreadsheets. 



Students who want to edit photos, create graphics, and engage in digital illustration will find these free tools easy to use and highly functional.


Math, Science and Technology

These programs will help you with your courses in everything from programming to anatomy.



Many of these free resources can be used directly from your web browser and can be an asset in completing your studies.



An assortment of additional software that can be useful for students.


Student Discounts

If these programs don't meet your needs, students can also get discounts on a wide range of products using their COD email address. You can find a listing of these products on this site. Discounted products include: Office 365 University, Adobe Creative Cloud, Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 and Reference Manager 12, Minitab, and LabView Student.

Students can also get discounts through most major retailers on computers and electronics. A short list of discounts can be found here.

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