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What is Streaming Media?

Streaming media enables real-time, or on-demand, access to audio, video and multimedia content via the Internet. Streaming media is transmitted by a specialized media server application, and is processed and played back by a player application as it is received.  Unlike downloaded content, no residual copy of streamed content is saved on the receiving device.

Nearly 90% of Multimedia Services projects are available as streaming media. This delivery method saves time, money and valuable resources while making media accessible to students wherever there is an internet connection.

Visit the streaming media page and access an archive of material to view on demand.  Watch episodes of IMAGES! and Career Paths, guest speakers, instructional programming, human interest segments and promotional releases for college and community events – all from the comfort and convenience of your computer, at any time. Take a few minutes to view some of our featured videos listed on this page. Specific recent video categories will be listed in the menu bar at the top of this page.  An archive of all the available clips is located here

Ways to Watch

Currently Multimedia Services preferred delivery format is Windows Media. This streaming  format is playable on most computers available today. To determine your version of Windows Media Player, click About on the Help menu in Windows Media Player, and then note the version number below the copyright notice. The most current version for Windows is version 11. Any version 9 or above should work well.  A link to the Windows media player 11 page is here.

Mac users should download and install Flip 4 Mac, a streaming video player that plays Windows media files. A link to their site is here.

An alternative player that will play all the top streaming formats and is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows systems is the VLC player. A link to their site is here.
Please direct all questions regarding streaming media to David Gorski, Multimedia Services Manager. 
(630) 942-2468

Featured Videos

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