2022 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is rooted in the fight for equitable humanity in a nation that is constantly struggling with liberty and justice for all. The work of King sits at the forefront of ant-racist action, fair voting rights and social justice. More than 50 years later the voice of King resonates in contemporary American society for the pursuit of life and liberty for many people of color. The power of King is that he saw love in the midst of hate and he fought, bleed and died for the political and social Promised Land that he believed possible for all Americans. The College of DuPage honors the service and impact of Dr. King’s work with programming and actions that continue the efforts of his positive contributions.

Dr. Martin Luther King 2022 Commemorative Video

College of DuPage will recognize the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior with a virtual presentation featuring Students and remarks from President Dr. Brian Caputo, members of the staff and faculty. Also during the video, recipients of the 2022 College of DuPage Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship will be acknowledged.

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David Swope
Manager, Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion