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Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

Theme: Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope

Una Celebración Del Patrimonio Y La Esperanza Hispanos

The theme invites us to celebrate Hispanic Heritage and to reflect on how great our tomorrow can be if we hold onto our resilience and hope. It encourages us to reflect on all of the contributions Hispanics have made in the past, and will continue to make in the future. It is also a reminder that we are stronger together (NCHEPM, 2021).

Photo Exhibit

Hispanic Heritage Beyond the Surface


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Hispanic pertains to an ethnic origin from Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Explore and engage in images with captions from past to present day stories of a powerful heritage. Each week starting September 15, images will be posted for your learning experience. See a few familiar images and aspects of Hispanic Heritage’s contribution to American culture.

Expressions Competition


Submittals are now closed.

Students are invited to submit an essay, a story, poem, painting, drawing, sculpture, music, video or any other form of expression that reflects the theme: Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope! The Top four (4) submittals will be awarded and their selections will be featured on the Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion webpage! More information

Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 Event Listing

Due to the dynamics of College protocol, locations are subject to change. Click the following links to view the weekly schedule.

Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

Opening Celebration Video Tribute


Wednesday, Sept. 15

College of DuPage opens Hispanic Heritage Month with a video tribute that recognizes Esperanza, the hope discovered in the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we explore the heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. The video will feature COD students, with a welcome from Provost Dr. Mark Curtis Chavez and Student Affairs Assistant Provost Dr. Diana Del Rosario.

Literature Review


COD Latin American Studies Committee

Thursday, Sept. 23

Via Zoom. More information to come.

Join the Latin American Studies Committee in a review of relevant literature that informs the diverse narrative of the Latin, Latino, Latina and Latinx perspective. Examine the terminologies and how they reflect on the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies which impact a culture.

History Through Music

The Music of Esperanza


Tuesday, Sept. 28

Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 2032 and via Zoom

A look at how Latin music has become an economic and cultural powerhouse and a cornerstone of the modern music business in America and worldwide.

Spanish Courses Promotion Day - Open House


Students and Faculty

Tuesday, Oct. 5

Student Resource Center (SRC), second floor corridor, west of Starbucks

COD offers Spanish courses in a variety of formats to meet the needs of its diverse student population. It also offers the opportunity to live and study abroad in Madrid, Spain or San Jose, Costa Rica. Meet faculty, staff and students to learn more about these courses and the people who teach and support them. Also expand your knowledge of Spanish speaking based clubs and organizations at COD.

Can’t Stop Our Blackness: Black Latinx Narratives and Resisting Erasure

Thursday, Oct. 7

Join us in collaboration with other Community Colleges, for an impactful event about the Afro/Black Latinx people featuring Rosa Alicia Clemente, community organizer, producer, independent journalist and scholar-activist, as she shares her experiences affirming her racial and political Blackness as an Afro/Black Puerto Rican woman and her works that uplift movements inclusive of the Black Diasporic people.

Latinx Leads Conference

Saturday, Oct. 9

Latinx students are the second largest group within higher education institutions. The Latin Leads Conference was created to advance the leadership development and knowledge-base of Latinx students, advisors, and their allies by providing a venue that provides resources and skills needed to facilitate social action in their respective campuses. Our conference will consist of experiential workshops and dynamic keynote sessions that will allow students to tap into their untapped potential and be affirmed in their Latinx identity. COD’s Student Life and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will sponsor 10 students who qualify to participate in this power packed experience!  

A Taste of Hispanic Heritage


Thursday Oct. 14

Share an interactive “at home” experience and learn how the Hispanic Cuisine has impacted culinary diversity in America. Explore healthy options and disaggregate the story behind some familiar dishes in a live virtual streaming format with COD’s professional chefs and perhaps its great students!

Closing Ceremony


Featuring COD international students

Student Services Center (SSC), Atrium, and in front of Cafeteria in the Student Resource Center (SRC), and Physical Education Center (PEC), Lobby

Join students from the Community College Initiative program as they provide a perspective on the impact that Hispanic Heritage has on other countries and how those experiences. Also stop by pop-up tables throughout the college to receive an array of information on community services, free giveaways and the continued work at COD which supports the Hispanic Community!

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