Career Resources

Career Research

  • O*NET Online- Detailed job tasks and descriptions. Provided by the U.S. Dept. of Labor. Occupational Outlook Handbook- Detailed career profiles including work environment, education & training, pay, job outlook, etc. Provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Illinois Career Information System (CIS)- Career development tools. Provided by the IL Dept. of Employment Security.
  • My Next Move - Research careers by key words, industries, or take an interest inventory.
  • Explore Health Careers-
  • COD Career & College Info Collection-


Interest inventories that provide possible careers.


Explore careers that match your self-assessed skills.


Explore careers based on your top work values.


Explore careers based on your personality type.

What Can I Do With This Major?

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Reality Check

How much money will you need to meet your lifestyle needs?

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COLLG 1105 - Career Development (2 credit hours)

Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Career

  1. Who are you choosing this career for? Are you creating a career for your parents, for society, for money or from your own excitement?
  2. Is this career in line with you interests? Personality? Values? Skills?
  3. Are you able to perform the tasks within this career? Are there any physical or developmental limitations you should not ignore?
  4. What kind of autonomy and control do you want in your career?
  5. Are you willing to go to/live where the jobs in your career are?
  6. Is the type of career you are choosing to follow growing or dwindling? What is the job outlook?
  7. Does this career fulfill your financial needs?
  8. What challenge excites you the most in your life right now, and why?
  9. What impact do you want to have on other people's lives or in the world?
  10. What do you envision for yourself and your career?
  11. How important is security to you?
  12. Are you willing to take a risk with your career and your comfort zone?
  13. What is your number-one confidence barrier? How can you work on that barrier?
  14. What advice would you give yourself today about where you are in your career based on where you want to go?
  15. Do you enjoy working alone or on a team?
  16. What jobs, hobbies, classes, co-curricular or service opportunities have you enjoyed?
  17. If money and skill were not factors, what would be your dream job?
  18. When you picture yourself on the job in the future, are you working with data, people, things or ideas?
  19. What percentage of your time do you prefer to spend on a computer, with others or outdoors? What are the working conditions of the occupations you are considering?
  20. Is a license or credentialing exam required for this career? If so, a specific major may be needed to satisfy these requirements.
  21. Is graduate school required to advance or enter this career? If so, are you motivated to pursue additional education, and what are the prerequisite requirements of these programs?
  22. Do your previous grades and transcript indicate that you can succeed in the courses required for the degree program?
  23. What opportunities exist to gain experience and confirm your goals? Confirm your occupational interests by participating in student organizations, volunteering or internships.
  24. What do professionals like and dislike most about their work? Speak with others in the field to better understand the joys and challenges of the profession.
  25. What does a typical day look like in the occupations you are considering? If you have not done so already, shadow professionals in the work environment.
  26. What do others think about your decision and how do these perceptions impact your choice?

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