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Community Partner Testimonials

"It is so nice to have young, responsible people coming to visit our seniors. The seniors really love having the students there to talk with them, drive them places and go on walks. We have explained to our seniors that the students are spending time in our homes to learn and that the seniors should look at themselves as teachers and their home as an extended classroom. This makes our seniors feel really good and now our seniors ask the students why they are there and what they want to learn. This has resulted in an even stronger and more beneficial relationship than before."

Maria George,
Senior Home Sharing, Inc.

"One of the struggles we have in the community is creating an awareness of our Center (DuPage Convalescent Center). The Service Learning program enables us to reach a targeted market of individuals who are already living and working in our community. By enhancing individuals' knowledge about the DuPage Convalescent Center, we have been able to build a stronger link between the Center and the community. This vital link builds overall support of the Center and develops a bond for future volunteers and service learning students."

Shauna Berman,
DuPage Convalescent Center

"The Service Learning program has had a positive influence on our STAR Tutoring program. The COD students are very helpful while assisting students in various subjects, and the socialization that has resulted provides our students with good role models. Our students look forward each week to seeing the college students. In addition, each student has brought his/her own skills and abilities to the program. In many instances, students have continued to tutor well beyond their required number of sessions. I have greatly appreciated the support and commitment that they have shown."

Jack Royhl,
Lisle Junior High School

"We rely daily on 25 or more volunteers to fill shifts for the Food Market and clothes closet. The PRC (People's Resource Center) has benefited from the "in kind" donations of service learning students who help in our programs. Without the Service Learning program and COD students, we would struggle to fill the needed openings for volunteers.

We are so grateful for everything the Service Learning students make possible through their time and talent! Their efforts help our Food Pantries remain well-staffed and ready to serve the thousands of households that visit us for services.  It's amazing to see some of them return to volunteer after their assignment is complete."

Lucinda Page,
People's Resource Center

"Through the Service Learning program, we get much-needed help. And, through (the students') work with us, more people know how they can help the environment. We enjoy the interaction, as well as the opportunity to build an awareness of environmental and social solutions."

Kay McKeen,
SCARCE Recycling Program

"The Service Learning program provides us with a HUGE resource of volunteers as well as other contacts within the college that have greatly benefited us. It is great networking for us AND the students."

Wendy Craven,
Western DuPage Special Recreation Association

"Our seniors at Willow Falls really enjoy the students and hearing about their lives and their goals. It is great to see the students share stories about their lives with our residents, but the most amazing thing is to see the students' interest peak while hearing about our residents lives and how they grew up. Most students find that they can learn a lot about what really matters in life from a senior. Their wisdom is great and their advice is heartfelt. The partnership is priceless."

Valerie Brockman,
The Inn at Willow Falls

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