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Create Your Own Internship

Experience Matters

Students need experience and employers want experienced new hires. How can you effectively get experience through co-ops and internships? First, apply for positions listed on College Central Network. However, research shows that only 20 percent of the available jobs are ever advertised and the percentage for internships may be lower. So in addition to searching company websites and electronic job boards, it is very important to conduct a self directed search. You can create your own internship by reaching out to organizations that interest you and asking for an opportunity to interview.


First determine what type of experience you'd like and where you'd ideally like to get the experience. Which industry? What location? How many hours? What skills do you wish to use? These are all questions that will eventually help you make an internship proposal to your target organizations.

Reach out to employers and ask them for an opportunity to intern, even when there isn't a position being advertised. "Propose" an internship and suggest duties and tasks. This is an excellent tactic and probably the most effective approach to looking for a position of any type. The COD Library should be your first stop – ask a librarian to direct you to print resources and Reference USA, which is an online resource, so you can develop a list of potential employers.

Getting Started

Click on your field of study below for ideas of what you can do during an internship, as well as the types of employers that most likely want COD interns. To get an idea of what COD interns have done in the past, take a look at our List of Selected Position Titles and our List of Selected Sites. For more ideas of possible sites, visit Career Services or the CCIC.


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