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Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council Mission Statement

The Student Leadership Council of College of DuPage facilitates values-based opportunities for leadership development to enhance citizenship at our college and in our communities.

Vision for the Future

The Student Leadership Council will aid in the individual and collective development of College of DuPage students by collaborating with the college community and by providing educated representation, service, and leadership to the Student Body.

Leading in the Community

The active members of the Student Leadership Council practice their servant leadership by participating in service projects that assist community agencies, as well as various departments of the college.

Meeting Schedule

SLC Business Meetings are held on Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in SSC 2214 unless otherwise noted.

Meeting agendas consist mainly of officer reports, committee reports, as well as any voting issues.

Student Leadership Council Committee Meetings are held in SSC 2214 unless otherwise noted.

  • Civic Engagement Committee meetings TBA
  • Service Committee meetings TBA
  • Outreach Committee meetings TBA

All students are welcome to join SLC committees. Simply attend a meeting to begin.

Student Representation on College-Wide Committees

College-wide committees wishing to have student representation can submit information to the Vice President of SLC. Please email the current Vice President with the following information:

  • Name of committee
  • Short description of committee
  • Meetings dates and times
  • Number of student representative positions available

Students interested in serving on college-wide committees can inquire for available positions through the Vice President of SLC.

Voting Information

Any item to be voted on at a SLC meeting will be listed on the agenda, and the agenda must be posted 24 hours prior to the meeting in the front window of the SLC office.

Items up for vote on the agenda must be properly documented so that voting members may become informed prior to voting. Financial items must include quotes and samples when available.

The eight voting representatives eligible to vote at SLC meetings shall be appointed through an application and appointment process run by the SLC Officers according to the following criteria:

1. Be currently enrolled in at least one credit course;

2. Represents one of the four college divisions (two from each division):

  • Business and Applied Technology
  • Learning Resources
  • Liberal Arts
  • Health and Sciences

3. The length of the appointment will be for a maximum one year and will always ending at the conclusion of spring semester;

4. Will sign a leadership agreement outlining the expectations and commitments of the position.

All SLC Officers and Ex-Officio members are eligible to vote except for the President who will only vote in the case of a tie.

Contact Information

SLC Office, Student Services Center, Room 2214