Student Leadership Council Elections

The 2015 Student Leader Elections for the positions of Student Trustee, Student Body President, and Student Body Vice President will be held online on Tuesday & Wednesday, March 17 and 18.

Check your COD email for ballot instructions.

Student Leader Election Candidates


Student Trustee

Josh Clayton

Josh Clayton

Josh Clayton, Naperville

Economics with Environmental Policy minor

My name is Josh Clayton and I want to represent the College of DuPage's student body next year on the Board of Trustees. I currently reside in the city of Naperville, where I graduated from Naperville Central High School last spring. I am a first year, working toward my Associates in Arts with the intent to major in Economics and minor in Environmental Policy. As a proud Chaparral, I love being a part of the diverse and inspiring community COD has to offer. I am interested in this position because I have the experience in leadership and community affairs I believe will enable me to be the voice of my fellow students. If elected, I will bring my thoughtful, yet optimistic approach to the role of Student Trustee. I will work toward further uniting COD's student body in order to foster a greater sense of community and engagement. In the next few months, our college will experience a lot of transition. With the Trustee election bringing in new administrative leadership, construction of the new Teaching and Learning Center, and the continued expansion of curriculum, I want to ensure students stay in 'the know' and feel as though their voice is being heard. Thus, my top priority will be to represent and advocate for the needs of my peers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

Gloria Roark

Gloria Roark

Gloria Roark, Aurora

Nursing with African American Studies minor or

My name is Gloria Roark and I am a Presidential Scholar here at the College of DuPage. I am from Aurora and I am majoring in Nursing and minoring in African American studies. I am running for the position of Student Trustee because I want to give a voice to and represent the student body with a focus on the minorities here at the college. I believe that the Board of Trustees should collectively represent a diverse group of people, and I hope to contribute to this diversity. This way, the opinions and needs of all people will be met, rather than just a select group. While I have only been at the college for two semesters, I have accomplished a big task and that is co-founding and becoming the president of the African American Student Alliance. I want to further connect with the varying groups of students on campus and make sure that their voices are heard when it comes to major decision making. I am incredibly friendly and find myself talking to new students every day which gives me a large network of the ones who matter most at the college! I have and always will appreciate a diverse group of students and faculty in the college setting and the College of DuPage offers a wide variety of people to connect with. I also appreciate the immense amount of focus that the faculty and administration have on the students. Please feel free to contact me if there are any further questions!

Student Body President

Joe Stahl

Joe Stahl

Joe Stahl, Lombard

Computer Engineering & Mass Communication

I am running for this position partly because I wish to become involved in the school that did so much for me, and partly because I want to expand my leadership experience. When I started attending CoD, I was already involved with the Student Ambassador program in addition to working for the Admissions & Outreach office. I didn't really think I had the time to get involved with more activities. But as I came to know the people involved with other offices of the college, such as Student Life and Phi Theta Kappa, I was encouraged to do even more. Since then I've become involved as a chairperson of both SLC and PTK, and am currently serving as a student representative for a task force under the Shared Governance Council.

My qualifications for this role include my prior leadership experience: I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, and before that I served as leader of my Boy Scout Troop for more than a year. In addition, I am charismatic and relationally-oriented; this would allow me to more effectively work with both club members and administrative staff alike.

I appreciate the opportunities CoD offers its students, especially when it comes to providing hands-on experience. As an engineering student, it's really exciting to be able to do as much as I have here. I'm just glad that I'm able to find time to be active at the college in addition to all my classes. It's great to have the chance to give back.

Dana Nuestro

Dana Nuestro

Dana Nuestro, Carol Stream

Health Management

I would like to run in a presidential position because I want to bring new and effective leadership to SLC that focus and help in furthering the educational, professional, and interest of COD. I want to ensure that the administration hears and respects the opinions and needs of the students. As a president I want to make sure that the administration of COD during its restructuring, focuses on the needs of the students and guarantees that students will continue to receive resources that they need to survive as a student. During my time at college of dupage, I have held an executive position as a membership officer for the entrepreneurship club, I have also volunteered at an outside organization as one of the team leader, these positions required a large amount of responsibility, both personally and professionally, strong communication skills, proficient organization, and most importantly team work. I believe that my strongest asset is my ability to work with a large group or an individual to effectively get a job done no matter how difficult the task. Having served on various committees, I believe that working together can aid in bringing about effective solutions ranging from larger more complex problems to the simplest one. I appreciate our school because COD is a beautiful school with very friendly faculties that go out of their way to help students succeed; but what I appreciate the most is the accommodation center that helps students who has a learning disability to be able to be successful just like me.

Student Body Vice President


Denise Calma

Denise Calma

Denise Calma, Carol Stream

Criminal Justice

Why are you running for this position? : I am running for this position because I heard about it through Student Leadership Council. I thought that this might be a new experience for me and thought that it could be a good idea and try to run for one of the openings.

Describe your involvement while at College of DuPage? : I am currently in the Student Leadership Council and am in Pride Alliance.

What are you qualifications that are relevant to this position? : In middle school I was involved in my student council. I am also an easy to know person, friendly and outgoing

What do you appreciate about College of DuPage? : What I appreciate about College of DuPage is that there is more than one campus which allows students to be flexible in their schedules. I also like how there are plenty of places where one can get help like the Learning Commons or the Library, or there are tutors even available if one needed help in a class. Also I really appreciate how people are really friendly and are willing to help if one asks.

Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez, Carol Stream

Political Science

After leaving high school I told myself I would like to be more open to new things because of the experiences you gain doing so. That is exactly what caught my attention when I thought about running for an SLC position. Being in SLC will push me out of my comfort zone by enabling me to become more outgoing while making connections with all sorts of people. From the little time I have been at COD I have been involved in several clubs, such as LEAA and AEP. Being involved in these clubs have taught me valuable skills and have allowed me to meet all sorts of new people. Simply being a member in these clubs was not enough for me so I decided to run for an officer position in LEAA and I was elected as a public relations officer. Being an officer for LEAA has taught me the expectations that come with being an officer, as well as learning how to properly work with a team in order to create successful events. From just two months of being an officer I have grown as a person and I hope to continue progressing as the semester continues. Having almost completed my first year at COD I have come to appreciate several aspects about the school. The first being diversity; the very diverse student population allows you to meet people from different backgrounds which in turn enhance your time at COD. Besides the diversity, the education given at COD is outstanding. The teachers are excellent and the college provides resources in order to ensure that you have everything needed to succeed. Overall, SLC will provide me with opportunities that will allow me to not only grow as a person, but also be able to properly represent the student body.


For more information, contact:

Chuck Steele, SLC Advisor
(630) 942-2642

Stephanie Quirk, SLC Advisor
(630) 942-2647