Student Spotlight: Susan Dose

Susan Dose

Susan Dose
Major: Construction Management

Susan Dose put her education on hold because her family came first. Now it’s because of her family that she’s pursuing her Construction Management degree at College of DuPage.

“I have stressed education in our house to my three children. How can I hold my children accountable to go to college and get a degree so their life might be easier than mine, if I don’t hold myself accountable?” she explained. “I never made bad choices in my life that prevented me from seeking an education. It was just on hold because my responsibilities were to my family first. Now that I have college-bound children, it is feasible for me to carry through with my plan.

“COD was the right choice for me because I am a district resident, the high quality of the education and COD offered a CM program.”

In 2012, Dose received the Power Construction scholarship and a scholarship from the Building Code Officials Council. These awards helped her return to school full-time.

“I met with the Financial Assistance office in regards to loans, my 10-year game plan and how I felt I might lose momentum,” she said. “I was provided valuable information on scholarships. I had the misconception that only ‘young’ students are given these opportunities. I was directed to some scholarships that I qualified for, and I applied and was selected as the recipient.”

Dose also organized the College of DuPage chapter of the Association of Students in Construction Management and was elected its first president.

After finishing her coursework COD, Dose now is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Construction Technology and Engineering at the University of Southern Mississippi while working full-time as a project manager for Thresholds, an organization that provides services for people with mental illnesses. She eventually would like to fulfill her dream of teaching, whether it be at College of DuPage, a building association or some other educational program.

“In the last two decades, I have discovered what I have a passion for, what makes my heart fill with excitement. It is the function and form of construction along with the intricacies of the design while working with the team to see a project come to fruition,” she said. “I would ultimately like to teach others, through my passion, how to take a two-dimensional idea and bring it to a 3-D form. With the right materials, tools and management, along with being safety conscious, students of construction can build a structure correctly that is code compliant, has integrity and can withstand the test of time for generations to come.

“I cannot say enough about the counselors and teachers I have encountered at College of DuPage. The teachers in the program have become my mentors and provided me incredible insight as to how I would like to teach someday.”

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