Faculty Spotlight: Chris Petersen

Chris Petersen

Chris Petersen
Program: Biology

Chris Petersen loves the ever-changing nature of biology.

"Based on the technology that we have today, the field is more quickly evolving. I just really enjoy learning about biology, especially as it concerns insects and where insects fit into ecosystems. Biology has just been a life-long interest (and insects!)."

Naturally, it goes without saying that Petersen teaches biology. Before coming to College of DuPage, he served as an adjunct professor of Biology at Cleveland State University in Ohio. Since coming to COD, he has gone beyond the classroom -- writing lab manuals and articles for prestigious journals, developing a web site to best advise students who want to study biology.

Most of all, he enjoys interacting with students.

"They come from all sorts of backgrounds and I like the different personalities," he explained. "I like the interaction with them. I want to teach them something about biology, hopefully enjoy the field, and for those moving onward, best prepare them for transfer. Aside from this, I get to talk about neat things coming out in biology, including from my own experimental research.

"I hope that my students have solid preparation in the knowing of information and understanding of biological processes, have developed interdisciplinary skills more than what the typical student might at a four-year school, and to understand what science in general is about."

This love of students has resulted in Petersen being a past recipient of the Overall Outstanding Faculty Member award and Faculty Advisor of the Year honors.

"I am inspired by my wife with the creative things that she is involved with, as well as by the natural world around me."

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