Faculty Spotlight: Theresa Bucy

Theresa Bucy

Theresa Bucy
Program: Nursing

It took Theresa Bucy 20 years to pursue nursing.

"When I was done with high school, I was interested in nursing because it seemed to be a way to apply science and math and help people at the same time," she said. "But I wasn't focused at that time."

After finally obtaining her degree, Bucy entered both the nursing field and teaching. Prior to coming to College of DuPage, she worked as an adjunct clinical instructor for Oakland Community College in Michigan while working full time as a staff RN in a suburban Detroit hospital.

"I had some great mentors along the way, including Kathy Schulte, a nurse and former instructor at Oakland," Bucy said. "She believed in me and my potential, and it has made a tremendous difference in my life."

Now Bucy wants to make that same impact on the lives of her students.

"I want to help people realize their dreams," she said. "I especially love the community college setting, where many folks come who may not be traditional-aged college students. They have been out in the work world and maybe now realize they want more.

"I also see nursing as more than just medication administration and dressing changes. I thrive on seeing nursing students 'get' that they are the treatment just as much as any medication or surgery. A loving, caring, compassionate nurse in a person's crisis can make a huge difference in that person's life and outlook. I hope my students value the trust that is placed in them as a nurse and respect the vulnerability of people and families in crisis."

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