International Transcript Evaluation Company Listing

Please select an evaluation company from the list of NACES members below to perform your International transcript evaluation. Each company may have different requirements for your document submission and will have different fees for their services. Please review a few companies before selecting the one you would like to use.

Please select a course-by-course (or detailed) evaluation report for college or university transcripts. General or basic evaluation reports are typically acceptable for high school (secondary school) documents. If you took Chemistry in high school and plan to take Chemistry at College of DuPage, you should select a course-by-course evaluation. Official evaluation reports should be sent directly to College of DuPage from the company, or can be brought to the Office of Student Records in the original, unopened envelope.

If you have any questions about which type of evaluation you should choose, please contact the Office of Student Records at or (630) 942-3831.

This listing is current as of June 2020. Given the restrictions from Illinois and the Federal Government, this list includes only those companies that are able to send evaluation reports electronically directly to the Office of Student Records.

National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

If you have already had a transcript evaluation completed by one of the companies listed above, please contact them about sending an electronic copy of your evaluation directly to us at

If you have already had a transcript evaluation completed by one of the companies listed below, and have an unopened evaluation report from one of the companies listed below, please contact us at


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